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For questions specifically about people travelling with Salvadorian passports.

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Deported form US twice, visiting England

I would like to take my boyfriend home for 1 month to visit meet my family and as a surprise for my grandma's 90th birthday. He is from El Salvador where I work and we both live. The problem is he ...
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Planning girlfriend visiting me in the UK

I'm a British Citizen by Birth. My girlfriend is a citizen of El Salvador. We are planning the future of our relationship and the possibility of getting married, however as we've only spend shorter ...
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Can two persons sharing a name travel one-way each on a return ticket?

I would like to know if my brother can fly by United Airlines from USA to El Salvador, and my father, from El Salvador to USA using the same round trip ticket, both of them have the same name.
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Who is exempt from obtaining a Schengen visa?

I am British, my husband is from El salvador. We want to visit frankfurt, madrid., crete and italy for a few days only before going to UK . Do we need any visas like a tourist visa or a schengen visa?
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Do I need a transit visa in Dubai? [duplicate]

I'm travelling from Madrid to Brisbane, but I have a 9 hours layover at Dubai Airport. I do not plan to leave the airport, and the connection is with the same airline (Emirates). I'm from El Salvador. ...
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