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Capital and largest city of Utah. Many sites of Mormon (LDS) interest.

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What are Hotels on Salt Lake City Trax Light Rail?

Going to SLC in late Feb for snowboarding. Looking at staying in Murray, downtown and South Salt Lake so closer to resorts (Alta, Brighton, etc). How do I find out what hotels are walkable to light ...
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Visting Yellowstone without a drivers license

I am about to travel to the USA from Denmark for the first time. Aside from the tickets, nothing has been bought yet. I will arrive in Salt Lake City and i plan to visit Yellowstone National Park, ...
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Is snow a significant risk for a Wyoming-Montana road trip in early October?

Being from the Midwest, I'm not fluent in all the snow in the mountains. I had initially planned a trip for Wyoming to Montana; but was encouraged to re-think that because of the weather. If snow is ...
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Salt Lake City to Denver winter

We are moving this week from SLC to Denver driving a budget truck and car. Looking for routes with the least chance of snow and with the shortest possible of those routes. Any thoughts?
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Getting from Salt Lake City airport to Park City by public transport on a weekend night

I've looked at the Wikivoyage Get In section for Park City but it didn't have any helpful information. I'll be arriving in Salt Lake City airport and need to get to Park City but would rather not take ...
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What are logistics like for a solo skier visiting Salt Lake City/Park City? [closed]

I've decided I'd like to go to Utah this year to do some skiing and hopefully score some good powder days. I will be traveling by myself. My primary interest is to ski Alta, but were the logistics to ...
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Traveling from Salt Lake City to Denver in late Autumn

It is October and I need to travel in an RV, towing a small car, from Salt Lake City to Denver. I'm concerned about road conditions at this time of the year and don't want to get caught in snow. Is ...
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What are the most interesting historical sites to visit in Salt Lake City, Utah? [closed]

My wife and I are visiting Salt Lake City in the near future and want to see the most interesting historical sites the city has to offer. Our budget is low, so things that are free/cheap would be ...
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