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Questions tagged [ryokans]

A traditional Japanese inn of the kind to provide tatami mats, futon beds, Japanese style baths and local cuisine.

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3 votes
3 answers

Which Onsen Ryokan do Tim Ferris and Kevin Rose speak about?

The transcript reads: Tim Ferriss: So, different uses, to be used sparingly or all the time, in case of K. Rose. And we are at Adaia, as the name of the place. And if you hear any waterfall-like ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What differences are there between Minshukus or Doyas and youth hostels in Kyoto?

I'm attending a conference in Kyoto at the Kyoto International Conference Center. I'm looking for accommodation that has quick public transport to the ICC, is inexpensive (but probably not a monastery,...
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7 votes
1 answer

Japanese ryokan with a baby of 20 month

I am travelling with a baby of 20 months. Is there a specific etiquette to respect when staying at a Japanese traditional ryokan?
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5 votes
1 answer

Japanese style or themed accommodation in Melbourne

What Japanese-style or Japanese-themed accommodation is available in Melbourne? I tried doing a search for ryokans in Melbourne, and while I've found a number of ryokans in countryside Victoria, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Ryokans in Kyoto which are culturally interesting but not terribly expensive?

What are some ryokans in Kyoto for someone interested in a unique cultural experience but not worried about staying in a posh/fancy place? I'm travelling to Kyoto soon, and I would like to stay in ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Etiquette in Japanese Ryokan vs. Capsule Hotel

What are the etiquette which are required in a Ryokan in comparison to a Capsule Hotel? Are there any things which I must take care of in a Ryokan and not in a Capsule Hotel or vice versa.
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14 votes
4 answers

Are inexpensive ryokans inauthentic?

A lot of people I talk to, including Japanese and non-Japanese, claim that ryokans are expensive. Once, when I discussed this further and said that some places that I've been to describe themselves ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Is it considered "cheap" to not eat dinner at your ryokan?

I'm booking accommodation near Izu Inatori for the dontsuku matsuri (don't google it at work!) and I'm considering whether to book dinner at my ryokan. I suspect that I'd rather be able to eat out so ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Staying on the Nakahechi route without walking

The Nakahechi route is part of the Kumano Kodo walking trail network in Honshu, Japan. I am taken with the idea of staying on this route in particular but do not want to do more than moderate day-...
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