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Questions tagged [ryanair]

Irish low-cost airline, whose headquarters is located on the grounds of Dublin Airport.

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What is considered "reasonable expenses" for reimbursement when Ryanair cancels a flight?

Ryanair cancelled a flight on a lightly scheduled route from Brussels, Belgium to Nantes, France and could not get my family on another Ryanair flight until 2 days later. I was told by the chat agent ...
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Claiming compensation for Ryanair after diversion

Last month I had a horrible flight experience with Ryanair. We left Madrid with a three hour delay and when we were about to land in Stansted we were diverted to Birmingham because the runway was ...
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Problem with Ryanair bus transfer

An Italian friend recently travelled to London. They purchased tickets for an airport transfer bus. They were not allowed to board the bus. They were told they had bought "standby tickets". ...
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