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The Republic of Rwanda *Repubulika y'u Rwanda* whose capital is Kigali is a country just below the Equator near the centre of Sub-Saharan Africa landlocked by Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania and Uganda.

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Does KLM flight KL0537 stop in Uganda?

I want to travel from Kigali to Munich on KLM flight KL0537. I am a British citizen, holding a British passport and German residence. The KLM website says the flight has 1 stop in Amsterdam. However,...
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Different airlines connecting flight

I have a question about my first solo flight. I booked my flight through Qatar and had 2 connections with different airlines. I will be flying Rwandair from entebbe to Kigali with 55 min connection ...
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Are there tours to see Western Lowland Gorillas?

I've noticed Rwanda, Uganda, and some other countries tour operators are able to charge thousands of dollars (cheapest one I found is $1500 for 3 days) for Mountain Gorilla viewing. I understand that ...
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Rwanda Visa Application, Supporting Documents?

Ok i am nigerian, I want to know what supporting document i should use when Submitting a Visa Application for Rwanda. I have been asking around and I basically do not have anyone to advise on the ...
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I am coming from Uganda and traveling to Swaziland but will take a bus from Johannesburg to Swaziland. Do I need a transit visa?

Am traveling to Swaziland by bus but coming in through Johannesburg. Do I need a transit visa? I am from Uganda.
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Can I get to Idjwi island from Rwanda?

Idjwi is an island located in the middle of Lake Kivu, between Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, belonging to DRC. The Idjwi Island official guide mentions Recommended Ferrys run from ...
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Rwanda: Yellow fever vaccination required?

The US Department of State says yes, but as far as the Rwandan government is concerned, the US Department of State is a secondary source. Oddly, they say Yellow fever vaccination required upon entry ...
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Are ziploc bags banned in Rwanda for air travelers?

Rwanda has enacted a ban on plastic bags, as a web search for "Rwanda plastic bags" will show. Does this extend to 1-quart or 1-liter sealable freezer bags? If so, how can one pack liquids ...
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Can I get a transit visa on arrival in Istanbul?

I am a Rwandese national, planning to travel to Macedonia but will need to stop in Istanbul for a short while to pick up my Macedonian visa. Will it be possible for me to get a Turkish transit visa ...
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