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Questions tagged [russian-language]

The national language of the Russian Federation and the second language still widely used in all former Soviet states and understood in other former socialist countries in Eastern Europe.

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Can a Russian national fly to Latin America with a stop in Europe, such as TAP Airlines stop in Portugal?

Are there sanctions against travelers? Transit visa hell? Basically, can a Russian national fly to Latin America with a layover / stop in Europe, such as TAP Airlines stop in Portugal?
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Visa requirements to Croatia for Russian citizens

I am going to a scientific conference in Croatia. I saw on the website that if I am a Russian citizen but go to Croatia for educational, scientific or cultural issues I still require a visa but it ...
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Issuing authority of passport is only written in Cyrillic script. How to fill it into a Schengen visa application?

I am helping a Russian national fill out an application for a Norwegian Schengen visa (Type C). The form asks for "Issuing authority". In the applicant's passport, this is only given in Cyrillic, (as ...
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In which countries is Russian useful for anglophone tourists?

Related questions: As a native English speaker, which two further languages would give me the most travel utility worldwide? (Russian is mentioned in one sentence in the accepted answer), What ...
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Are people wearing bright blue clothes considered gay in Russia?

As far as I remember from my one year Russian class, голубой (light blue) is used to name the color but also is a slang term for gay people. Are people wearing bright blue clothes are biased or ...
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Learning Russian versus Mongolian for visiting Mongolia

I'm planning on visiting Mongolia. I'll probably hire a tour guide for the trip, not only because of the language barrier but also so I'm not travelling solo, and so I can gain local knowledge. What ...
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Which languages to brush up on for Ukraine trip?

I am traveling from the US, and the only language I really know is American English. I will be visiting cities in various districts of Ukraine: Kiev, Chornobyl, Cherkassy, Kherson, etc. I will be ...
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Where in the world knowing Russian and English will not be enough? [closed]

I speak Russian and English. Will those 2 languages be sufficient to travel anywhere in the world as a tourist? Or there are some regions where it wouldn't be enough? By sufficient, I mean, I would ...
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What is more widely spoken in the Baltic countries: Russian, Ukrainian, or English?

Wikipedia says that about a quarter of total population in Estonia, Latvia are Slavonic people like Russians, Ukrainians etc., and I wonder if Russian is well-understood and how natives treat tourists ...
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How to "speak" Russian, if you don't speak Russian?

I saw this really amazing film, called Chapiteau show. It is one of those films, after which, you want to go there. Although it is a Russian film, imdb shows that it is filmed in the Crimea (Ukraine). ...
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What language to use in Georgia (the country)? Is English widely spoken?

I don't speak Georgian. I have been told not to use the little Russian that I know because it might be problematic considering the edgy relationship with Russia. My question is which language should I ...
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How much Russian do I need to know for travelling within Russia?

Or alternatively - how well-spoken (and widely-spoken) is English? I intend to visit St. Petersburg, Moscow, Irkutsk and Vladivostok. I feel like I might have the most troubles in the latter two ...
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