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Country in northern Eurasia, largest country in the world, covering more than 1/8 of the Earth's inhabited land area.

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Is visiting Russia's MID required after passport renewal at embassy?

does every russian citizen living in US who renews his/her international russian passport for 10 years (get a Biometric one) at the Russian Embassy in the US, get a paper saying to show up at the ...
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Has anyone tried to seek asylum in Lithuania on the train from mainland Russia to Kaliningrad?

There are trains that transit from Russia to its enclave Kaliningrad and those trains now do not make stops in Lithuania. However I wonder if there will be a chance to ask for asylum inside the train ...
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Is it possible to book a non-standard Russia-Poland border crossing?

Is there any bureau or agency that can allow crossing the border from Russia to Poland on a given time outside of the standard checkpoints? My idea is sending a formal request, paying some fee and ...
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First entry in a city not associated to Russian visa

I'm planning to visit Russia again, and I applied for a tourist visa for my destination (Yekaterinburg, no other destination listed in my invitation voucher). I'm now considering which fly to get to ...
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How would I find a reliable attorney in Russia to assist me in case consular support is unavailable?

In What are the practical implications of limited consular support in Russia? @Danubian writes: So if you want to go anyway, you should at least make sure you have any local contact that would be ...
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