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Country in northern Eurasia, largest country in the world, covering more than 1/8 of the Earth's inhabited land area.

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Is visiting Russia's MID required after passport renewal at embassy?

does every russian citizen living in US who renews his/her international russian passport for 10 years (get a Biometric one) at the Russian Embassy in the US, get a paper saying to show up at the ...
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Is it possible to book a non-standard Russia-Poland border crossing?

Is there any bureau or agency that can allow crossing the border from Russia to Poland on a given time outside of the standard checkpoints? My idea is sending a formal request, paying some fee and ...
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First entry in a city not associated to Russian visa

I'm planning to visit Russia again, and I applied for a tourist visa for my destination (Yekaterinburg, no other destination listed in my invitation voucher). I'm now considering which fly to get to ...
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How would I find a reliable attorney in Russia to assist me in case consular support is unavailable?

In What are the practical implications of limited consular support in Russia? @Danubian writes: So if you want to go anyway, you should at least make sure you have any local contact that would be ...
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