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For questions relating to rural areas or the countryside.

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How busy will tourist spots in Yamanashi-ken and Okutama be after new year?

I'll be renting a car on January 2nd in Tokyo, to escape into the countryside for a day. Starting in west Tokyo, my choice is pretty much Yamanashi-ken. The question is, how many people's choice will ...
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What can increase the chance of hitching a ride?

I am not really a hitchhiker but I have been offered rides maybe a dozen times in my life. I am a male in my late 20s. Nevertheless, yesterday I was hiking on a road and in a position where, if the ...
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Are there any other rural tramways in the world, like the Coastal Tramway in Flanders?

I just learned about the Coastal Tramway in Flanders. I love the idea of taking a tram through little villages in the countryside. Are there any other rural trams like this operating elsewhere in the ...
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What are my options for travelling from Neufchâteau, France to Joan of Arc's birthplace in Domrémy-la-Pucelle?

I'm looking into visiting Joan of Arc's birthplace in Domrémy-la-Pucelle, and as far as I can tell my best bet for getting there is taking the train to Neufchâteau in France. However, once in ...
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What is the meaning of the "Bikers Welcome" sign on restaurants?

When traveling in rural Pennsylvania I saw several ordinary roadside restaurants having a sign reading "Bikers Welcome". I did not see similar signs for other categories (truckers, tourists, ...
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How to avoid accidental trespassing while exploring rural US?

I am planning a road trip through some rural locations in Tennessee and North Carolina, US. The intention is to visit some places of particular interest (e.g. filming locations of certain movies). ...
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Is the Koboro rail station really inaccessible by land?

Koboro Station, in rural Hokkaido, is a famously remote train station. According to Hokkaido Likers, Koboro train station on the Muoran Line "cannot be reached by car" and further states that the "...
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Basic campsites in Black Forest (Schwarzwald) [closed]

I'm hoping to find a cheap basic campsite in the Black Forest for a family of four. Not fussed about flash facilities, electric hook up etc. Composting toilet and peaceful location would suit us just ...
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Travelling to rural areas in the US without a car

My friends will be visiting me in US from abroad, and I'd like to travel with them. We are thinking of travelling across many states. One concern that we have is transportation, because none of us ...
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Staying in the Mongolian countryside on a reasonable budget

I really enjoyed going on a guided tour (myself, a tour guide, and a driver) of the Mongolian countryside, but it attracted a price tag that'd be expected for having two staff members (slightly more ...
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How much country-side can I see by train [Prague-Kutna Hora]?

I am visiting Prague in the near future. I really want to travel somewhere outside of Prague that doesn't have too many tourists. I really want to experience more than just the tourist traps and ...
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Islands and similar where visitors cannot take a car

I love car-free islands and other locations where visitors cannot take a car, but that are still reachable by public transportation, inhabited or not. Some examples, in no particular order: Channel ...
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Traveling in South Korea's countryside as an English speaker

I plan to travel in South Korea's countryside by car in May and June. I only speak English. Will language be an issue when booking a hotel (I'll probably only book a few days ahead of time), buying ...
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How to understand the Indian Railways from abroad?

In many developed countries finding train routes and approximate times is easy. In the US, Japan, and much of Europe one can use a simple query on Google Maps. I have not been able to find such a ...
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Within 300 km radius of Tokyo - Coastal/seaside destinations in Japan for nature and relaxation? [duplicate]

Since I'm planning to visit Japan for 10 days and plan to apportion 5 days to Tokyo, I thought to reframe this question inside a 300 km radius around Tokyo. 300 is just an estimate; I'm not strict ...
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Consider Hokkaido or not, if relying solely on public transportation?

I thought to segregate this question on Hokkaido from the original. I'm still interested in the other points. 3. I won't drive, so must rely on public transport and walking (over reasonable distances)...
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Within 300 km of Tokyo: Where for flora, landscape, nature? [closed]

I plan to visit Japan for 10 days and apportion 5 days to Tokyo. For the remainder, I want to escape the megalopolis and enjoy picturesque backwoods or countryside. Please recommend? Criteria: No ...
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Outside Tokyo: Where for flora, landscape, nature? [duplicate]

As I'm ruling out Tokyo in this post, this doesn't duplicate Within 300 km of Tokyo: Where for flora, landscape, nature?. Please recommend where to enjoy picturesque backwoods? Criteria: No ...
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How to locate a bucolic camp site when on the road in the EU?

Is there a way to identify a bucolic camping when you are on the road and you don't manage to reach you final destination in one day. I usually have camping gear with me, but when I need to spent the ...
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What is the closest bucolic holiday destination to the City of London?

I have been looking at weekend accommodations in London. For a family with children, this seems quite challenging. At the same time I am seeing quite some nice bucolic options in Kent and Sussex. To ...
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I am looking for a hotel search engine for rural areas

I am trying to find a bucolic holiday destination, which means finding a nice hotel in a small beautiful village for spending some quiet time. Most search engines are only finding major cities, and ...
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