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Questions tagged [ruins]

The remains of one or more structures in a derelict state.

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2 answers

What was this ruined building in Tbilisi, Georgia that is Greek property?

Yesterday afternoon I went exploring around Tbilisi, Georgia and up on the path between the Narikala fortress and the Kartlis Deda statue were some old ruined buildings, not ancient but pre-Soviet. ...
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How do I visit Petra from Israel?

I am going to Israel later in the year and would like to visit Petra while I'm in the region. I understand that as a UK citizen, I need a visa but I don't need to apply for one prior to travelling? ...
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6 answers

Japan's crumbling temples and shrines -- How can I find them?

I will be staying in Japan for a few weeks late this summer, and would like to find a bunch of back-woods, off-the-beaten-path temples and shrines, especially if they are dilapidated and not "new" ...
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Abandoned railway stations in Japan

I've just read Japan Keeps This Defunct Train Station Running for Just One Passenger, about a station that'll be closing this year (2016) because its last user, a high school student, will be ...
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What is the most well-preserved ancient ruin in Sardinia?

I'll be traveling to Sardinia, Italy in June this year and would like to visit a site of an ancient ruin. There appear to be many sites on the island (of varying states of decay), and I'd like to ...
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Where are the Himalayan Buddhist stupas?

I'm trying to locate sacred Himalayan Buddhist stupas and ruins of old fort in Himalayas (Ladakh, Kashmir region) in India. Where exactly is that place and what's the name of it (name of the place, ...
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Where exactly is Yamada Castle in Okinawa?

I've already visited the one restored castle in Okinawa and Wikipedia tells me there are several other ruined castles here on the main island. But one castle is mentioned several times yet I cannot ...
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Are there any Carthaginian ruins in Libya?

Libya is known for some beautiful and well-preserved Ancient Roman ruins. Before it belonged to Rome, the territory of modern-day Libya was part of the Carthaginian Empire. Do there exist any ...
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Belize with two small children [closed]

I'd like to visit Belize in January with my family (2 adults, one child of 2.5 yrs, one infant of 8 months) ideally to spend some time on the beach (Ambergris Caye?) and a day or two gawping at Maya ...
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