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King Khalid International Airport (IATA code RUH) is the primary civilian airport serving the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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Travelling to Pakistan

My kid's British passport is expiring in April. We are travelling in February and coming back in March. They have valid NICOP. Are we ok to travel with two months validity? We have connecting flights ...
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I am transiting through Saudi Arabia. Do I need a visa?

I am transiting through Saudi Arabia via the airport at Riyadh (RUH), Jeddah (JED), or Dammam (DMM). Do I need a visa for this?
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Philippine passport holder transiting in Riyadh. Can I transfer from terminal 2 to 3 without passing through immigration?

Myself and my family, Philippine passport holders, are arriving at Riyadh terminal 2, and departing to Abu Dhabi from Terminal 3. Can we go from the arrivals level in terminal 2 to the departures ...
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Riyadh Airport Terminal 3 to 2: Do I have to go through immigration process and come back again for checkin? Are 3 hours good for it?

I have international flight from Flynas landing at Riyadh around 21:00 at terminal 3. My next flight is at 00:30 from terminal 2, different airline. I have a question. Do I have to go through ...
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Riyadh transit visa

I'm a US citizen, flying on two separate tickets - one-ways in and out of Riyadh. They are: Saudi Air (HYD—RUH) inbound with a 2 hr 25 min layover, claiming bags and re-checking to Whizz Malta Air ...
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Transit Visa at RUH Airport

I have tickets to go to Pakistan which are as follows: MAN-SOF-RUH-ISB (Manchester-Sofia-Riyadh-Islamabad) The stop over at RUH is only 1hr30mins and the airline is different from SOF-RUH to RUH-ISB ...
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Riyadh airport visa - travelling with Wizzair and Etihad

I will be traveling with Wizz Air from Milan. I am European, and my flight is likely to arrive at Terminal 3. Three hours later, I have a connecting flight with Etihad to Manila. Since I hold a ...
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Riyadh Airport: Terminal 4 to 2

I have a self transfer flight coming up in a couple of days. SV374 arriving at T4 in RUH and then 2h later, AI922 departing from T2 Is it possible to go from T4 to T2 while staying within the VISA ...
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Transit at Riyadh International airport [duplicate]

I am Indian national and hold Dutch residence permit, travelling from the Netherlands via Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) to India. My ticket shows self transfer (baggage claim & re-check in) at Riyadh. I ...
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Minimum connection time at Riyadh on Saudi Airlines?

I will be travelling from Kochi to London via Riyadh with Saudi Arabian Airlines. Kochi to Riyadh flight lands around 10.15 AM and Riyadh to London flight departs around 11.55 AM. I am unsure about ...
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