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*الملكية الأردنية*, Royal Jordanian Airlines, headquartered in Amman carries the flag for The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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Connection through Amman

I'm a Pakistani national and will be flying from Moscow to Cairo via Amman on Royal Jordanian Airline. My Layover in Amman is around 10 hours, if I wish to not leave the airport do I need to get a ...
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Can a booked transit passenger be denied to board on the plane in the transit airport?

I have a confirmed booking from A to C via B. In airport A I am checked-in and my luggage is tagged all the way to C. But I get only one boarding pass for the flight from A to B. The staff in airport ...
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How to check-in for a Royal Wings flight in Brussels?

My friend is going from London via Brussels to Aqaba (LHR-BRU-AQJ). BRU-AQJ being on a Royal Wings flight. He's going hand-luggage-only. What I wonder is: Can he check in online for Royal Wings ...
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How can I find out how many Miles I will receive on Royal Plus?

I'm flying from Zurich to Auckland with Cathay Pacific via Hong-Kong next year, and am considering getting the miles accredited to a Royal Jordanian Frequent Flyer account (Royal Plus), as they have ...
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Checking bags through on separate OneWorld bookings?

In a little over a week I am flying from TLV to ORD on Royal Jordanian Airlines, but have a separate booking to fly from ORD to ABQ (ALbuquerque, NM). I have a layover of four hours and twenty ...
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