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Royal Air Maroc (الخطوط الملكية المغربية‎‎) known as RAM, headquartered at Anfa Airport about 4 miles southwest of Casablanca, carries the flag for Morocco.

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How can I get a Royal Air Maroc Business Class Upgrade at JFK?

I want a Business Class ticket on Royal Air Maroc and usually don't mind paying for it, but their ticket is like 6x what an economy ticket is. I saw a video that said that upgrades at the airport (day ...
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Transit time in Amsterdam for Chinese citizens [closed]

We have Chinese citizen friends that plan to departure from Beijing and change flight in Amsterdam (connection time over 24 hours, almost 36). The final destiny is Cape Verde, but the connection ...
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Why can't I book this flight?

I am trying to book the following ticket: SID-NSI 24 September Which consists of AT587 and AT507 with transit in Casablanca (CMN)) I have been trying to book this ticket for a week. I have spoken to ...
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Does Royal Air Maroc still have any unusual discounts?

A couple Morocco guidebooks from 10-15 years ago (saying this makes me feel very old) describe unconventional discounts on Royal Air Maroc: You can usually get a reduced fare if you buy three ...
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