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The capital of Lapland and home to Santa Claus village

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Is it necessary to rent a car in Lapland?

I'm planning a trip for mid-February to fly into Helsinki-Vantaa, then catching the Santa Claus Express Night Train to Rovaniemi (Lapland). Staying in Lapland to see the Northern Lights for a week, ...
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Is it safe to go aurora hunting in Rovaniemi by yourself?

I'm planning a visit to Rovaniemi in January with my girlfriend. The main idea is to see the northern lights which we understand is not always possible. Since we want to maximize our possibilities, ...
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Can the aurora and snow be seen at Rovaniemi in October?

If I go to Rovaniemi in October to visit the Santa Claus Village, is this a time when it is common to see the Aurora Borealis and maybe some snow?
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Best place to view the Northern Lights [closed]

I am contemplating between Tromso (Norway), Abisko (Sweden) and Rovaniemi (Finland). While Tromso is perhaps the most well-developed in terms of tourism infrastructure (and other activities to do) ...
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