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A road junction where traffic circulates around a central point or area to reach exits.

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Entry/Exit rights on a 3 lane roundabout with 2 lane Entry/Exit?

Please refer to the term 'outermost' as the driving side and 'innermost' as the overtaking side, because right and left are swapped depending on the country. Here is an example of a 3 lane roundabout ...
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What are the rules for the traffic circles on Pleasant Avenue in Maywood NJ

Given the "traffic circle" visible on street view here What road rules are applicable? Do I have to give way to the right? or only cars already in the circle?
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Which lane should I approach in when using the HandyCross roundabout travelling from Maidenhead to Booker [closed]

I am planning a trip from Maidenhead to Booker and would like to canvas opinion on the best lane lane discipline to follow when traveling from Maidenhead using the A404 to Booker using the A4010. The ...
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Roundabout in left drive countries

I live in a right-drive country and plan to motor in left-driving Jamaica this month. That being said we do not have roundabouts in my state so I am trying to learn the rules-of-engagement as it ...
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