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Questions about Riyadh (الرياض), the capital of Saudi Arabia and the kingdom's largest city.

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Why is Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) Airport immigration staff so ill-mannered?

I was reading this article published in Saudi Gazette, and it came true to my case after 10 years. Saudi transit regulation. I am an Indian and I am a Ph.D. student in mathematics, I had 1 month Italy ...
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Minimum connection time in Riyadh for international flights?

I’m travelling this summer with many layovers and one of them is in Riiyadh for 1h20. I’ll be arriving from Rome (Wizz Air) and will be departing to Mumbai (Flynas). Probably the connection will be ...
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Do I need a transit visa in Riyadh [duplicate]

I am travelling from Germany to India round trip. My itinerary is (Nuremberg -> Istanbul -> Riyadh -> Cochin) with 2 pnr number. Here Nuremberg to Riyadh is through Turkish airline, then ...
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Do I need visa to recheck bags at Riyadh?

I am a Pakistani student with a valid UK residence permit and Netherlands permit. I am transiting through Riyadh airport and have to transfer my bags myself. My layover is 8 hours and I have the ...
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British Embassy in Riyadh requesting bank statements for visitor visa

I applied for a 6 month general visitor visa on 20/10/2015. They called me this afternoon asking if I can provide them with 24 months bank statement and they also gave me a reference number. The ...
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