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Riga International Airport in Latvia

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What is this machine inside a terminal in Riga airport?

A while ago I was traveling through Riga airport where in the middle of the terminal I saw a machine I had never seen at any other airport. It looks like it might be related to security, however there ...
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Where can I find plug sockets in Riga Airport (RIX)?

I just arrived in Riga (B gates, Air Baltic area) and have walked around the terminal a bit without seeing any plug sockets--a bit surprising, since the airport seems quite modern or at least recently ...
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Layovers in Riga Airport RIX: 45 min possible?

AirBaltic flights are cheap, but you always have a layover in Riga International Airport (RIX). Leading flight resellers offer flights with only 45 minutes layover time in RIX. Is that even possible ...
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Leaving transit area at intermediate stop (Berlin to Kiev via Riga)

I booked a flight from Berlin to Kiev. Since no direct flight was available I have choosen a flight with an intermediate stop in Riga to then continue to Kiev about an hour later. Since I never ...
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Leaving Riga airport at intermediate stop

If I book a flight from St. Petersburg (Leningrad)(LED) - Riga(RIX) and Riga(RIX) - Copenhagen(CPH) all Air Baltic, and I have 7 hours to wait in Riga, can I then leave the airport for a city trip ...
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