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Questions tagged [rivers]

Bodies of water usually flowing naturally from highlands to seas or oceans. Prefer a more specific tag where relevant. Perhaps: [amazon-river], [danube], [rhine]

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Ticino river kayaking

Since there is a drought in Italy, many rivers run at very low water. Is there any reliable source of information concerning the water levels for rivers in Italy, especially the Ticino river? Was ...
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How can I assess the water pollution in the rivers in the US?

I'll explore a few locations in the US over the summer and consider swimming in some rivers. How can I assess the water pollution in rivers in the US, preferably before going to the location of ...
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What is this white dashed line across the Thames in Google Maps?

What is this white dashed line (circled) across the Thames in Google Maps? Is it possibly the site of the old London Bridge? But what would be the use of that on a modern travel map?
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River Thames Source and Destination Points Are there ferries, ships, boats services to ...
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Which city can be seen on this Windows 10 lockscreen? [duplicate]

I had this as my Windows lockscreen, tried to google it, but I couldn't find it. Does anyone know what city this is?
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Visiting Los Angeles Culvert

I'll be visiting Los Angeles in May and one of the things I would like to see is the river culverts featured in so many movies (quick visit and a few photos). The section I'm most interested in is ...
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Can I travel on a stand-up paddle boarding near Tbilisi?

I am travelling to Tbilisi, and I have a paddle board. Are there any issues with me launching and travelling up the river?
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What kind of cars for F roads and river crossing during summer in Iceland?

In many forums a 4WD car is mentioned but not much details beyond that. The official road conditions website differentiates between "passenger cars" and "cars suitable for highland roads" but without ...
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Where can I see volcanic rivers in Iceland?

A Google search for ["volcanic rivers" iceland] returns a lot of results, with some amazing images like this: But I have not been able to find any information on where you can see volcanic rivers in ...
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"Vélo tout terrain" trails along Sèvre Niortaise

Do you know if: there are bicycle tracks one or both sides and along/adjacent to Sèvre Niortaise between Magné and Coulon? there is any fence blocking tracks at some point? the surface is asphalt ...
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Is the Han River in Seoul clean enough for kayaking?

I'm looking into activities to do in Seoul and I see a kayaking tour in the Han River that looks interesting. A friend has mentioned to me that the Han River is almost as bad as the East River in NYC ...
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Can I travel by boat from the North Sea to the Mediterranean passing via Paris?

Can I rent/charter a boat to go from the North Sea to the Mediterranean through France ? I'd like to start from the Netherlands and go through Paris on the way. What are the canals that make up the ...
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5 answers

Raft trip down a river

As many of you may already have figured it out from simply reading the title, the inspiration to undertake a raft trip came to me when I first read Huckleberry Finn many years ago. I am a young adult ...
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9 votes
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River swimming near Chinon in France's Loire Valley

My girlfriend and I are staying just outside Chinon for a week and I am really keen to go for a river bathe/swim, somewhere safe. A bit of a Google suggests Barrou, which is an hour or so away, but I ...
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Is there any white water rafting nearby Bangalore, India? [closed]

I am living in Bangalore. I am looking for a one day outing nearby Bangalore. I am looking for water adventures like white water river rafting, kayaking , fishing. I found 3 to 4 in Karnataka like ...
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What is the quality of the rafting on the Nile at a Jinja after the damming of Bujagali Falls

I have found a company offering Grade 5 Rafting on the Nile near Jinja Uganda. They make no mention of the fact the Bujagali Falls have been dammed and what if any effect this has had on the quality ...
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Inner tubing down rivers in the United States

I've got this crazy idea to have an adventure trip inner tubing down a large river in the USA and stopping off at various locations along the way. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any information ...
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Is there any way to sail the Danube on a budget? [closed]

I'd like to sail down the Danube next summer, on my own, on as small and cheap a vessel as possible (no big motor boat, maybe not even a motor boat at all). I haven't decided on the length of the trip,...
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Cruise on Douro river. When is the best time, and the desirable time extension?

I would like to know when is the best time to do a cruise on the Douro river, relating to price and weather. Also, what's the best duration? I saw that there are from 1 day to 7 day programs. 1 day ...
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Is it possible to travel on river/canal from Bruges, Belgium to some point on the Rhine?

I want to take a canal/river trip that starts in Bruges (Belgium) and ends in the south of Germany. I cannot find the necessary information to tell me whether the river canal system in Bruges connects ...
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"Doon the watter" in Glasgow

I shall be going to Glasgow with my family this summer and I would like to take them on the traditional cruise "Doon the watter" (Down the river) on the Waverley steamer or similar. There are many ...
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