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Capital and largest city of Latvia.

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Long layover in Riga

Later this summer I will be travelling with a connection in Riga. I expect the luggage to be checked straight through. We have about 10 hours between flights on the way there and 8 hours on the way ...
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Is there somewhere to buy used Latvian books in Riga?

I'm finally travelling in the Baltics and hoping to add to my collection of translations of a certain famous novel that I collect. As a booklover and as a person on a miniscule budget, I like to dig ...
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Is it safe to drive in the Baltic countries during winter? [duplicate]

I am planning to drive from Kaunas to Riga between Christmas and New Years Eve. I would like to know how the road conditions usually are in this time of the year? Especially on the smaller roads. And ...
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Is it considered bad manners to eat in public (on a bench) in Latvia?

Recently I got yelled at by a stranger (middle-aged man) when I was eating pizza, which I purchased at a cheap restaurant (and chose take-away), sitting on a bench in Riga. He just said something to ...
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Trains between Riga and Tartu

On Tartu's wikitravel page it states Direct trains between Tartu and Riga are scheduled to resume after the completion of track construction. I will be in Riga in 2 weeks and I was hoping to ...
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Is it possible to visit Riga (Latvia) from Stockholm by plane in one day? [closed]

I would like to ask, is it possible to do a day trip to Riga from Stockholm? I found inexpensive flights by Air Baltic for 90 euro from Arlanda at 8.30 in the morning and return at 19.00 or 23.30 ...
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Should I leave tips in Latvian hotels

Should I leave tips in hotels in Latvia? Each day I put 2-3 lats (about 4-6 dollars) on the table, but each evening I'm returning to the room I find money untouched. This is my first country where ...
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Are there trains beween Tallinn, Riga and Warsaw?

I'm planning a trip to Poland for July and August. I thought it would be a good idea to visit some of the other countries around Poland since I was going to be there for a little while. Two countries ...
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Gluten-free restaurants in Riga

I will be travelling to Riga for a few days & being a coeliac, I would really appreciate any recommendations for gluten-free restaurants.
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How can I get an apartment in Riga, Latvia From the US? [closed]

This Latvian real estate web site has daily postings come up for recently vacated apartments, but the more affordable ones in a good location are claimed rapidly (by some accounts, typically no more ...
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Sightseeing and food in Riga [closed]

I am going to Riga, Latvia for two days in few days. Out of your experience, what should I go look at and where should I eat. Any suggestions?
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