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Questions regarding sharing a car during travels.

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Finding an Uber we'll fit in

We just booked an airport shuttle from hotel to LAX, for our family of 6 and all our luggage. We could have got an Uber that seats 6 for about 30% less, but as far as I can tell there is no way in the ...
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Bike sharing apps-rent cycle in one and back in other city

Does any of the apps like Donkey Republic or Nextbike allow us to rent a cycle in one city and return in another? I read the instructions, but it is not clear whether to drop-off-location can be in ...
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Ride hailing options in Crimea as of summer 2020

It seems that Yandex.Taxi does not have coverage for Crimea, and I doubt Uber or Gett cover it given the complex legal situation involved. However, people have to get around. What are available ...
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Is Ann Arbor within reasonable Lyft/Uber range of DTW?

My family is going to a wedding in Ann Arbor. From a map, it looks like it's within reason to Lyft or Uber from the DTW airport. (Where "reasonable" means something like "under $50".) Does this make ...
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Any ride-sharing services for getting from Indiana to Texas?

I'm trying to get to Texas. I have family that I need to get to. Is there any app or website where one can hitch a ride with people driving this route?
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Uber Car Seat/Family Orlando

We will be travelling to the Orlando area with our 3-year-old son and are trying to figure out local transportation. Uber seems to have services called Uber Family and Uber Car Seat, and they are ...
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Shared taxi from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

Does anyone know of a shared taxi service for weekend round trips from Abu Dhabi to Dubai? Something for a daily commute from Dubai to Abu Dhabi would be helpful too. A private taxi would be AED 200-...
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Uber-style rideshare/taxi services in Mongolia?

What are my options for rideshare/taxi apps in Mongolia? I'm specifically interested in Ulaanbaatar, but happy to entertain broader answers. Goal: an app that lets me specify pickup and dropoff ...
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Uber-style rideshare/taxi services in Russia?

What are my options for rideshare/taxi apps in Russia? I understand Uber is in the process of pulling out, and only covered a few of the largest cities anyway. I'm specifically interested in Irkutsk, ...
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Car share in Las Vegas?

My boyfriend and I are flying into Las Vegas but would prefer not to rent a car through the usual Hertz, Dollar Rental etc. Does anyone know of a reliable car share program in Vegas? Something where ...
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Uber/Lyft for foreign tourists?

I'll be visiting the US (specifically Los Angeles) in the very near future, and will need to travel from the airport to my hotel. To save money compared to a traditional taxi, I could take Uber or ...
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Search engine that not only considers public transport and flights but also options like car sharing (e.g. BlaBlaCar) and renting a car?

This would be pretty helpful for people travelling on a tight budget in order to find the cheapest option to get from A to B. Example: Going to the next biggest city with an airport by car sharing and ...
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Can I rideshare/carpool from Vancouver to Calgary or should I rent a car?

If I plan a journey in Canada from Vancouver to Calgary the best option I found is renting a car. However in the past, especially in EU countries, I have extensively used ride sharing from different ...
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Can I be sure of insurance coverage as a rideshare passenger?

@colorant’s answer refers to an offer by BlaBlaCar of “24€ pro Person 4 freie Plätze” for Amsterdam to Hanover. Rome2Rio by car from Amsterdam to Hanover estimates 60€-85€ (and admittedly 19€ for ...
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Rideshare etiquette (Lyft, Uber, etc)

I used Lyft for the first time last week, and realized I don't know the proper etiquette, if there is any. With a taxi, it's common that the driver comes around, opens the trunk, takes your luggage, ...
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Is it easy to get an UberX from Central London to Heathrow Airport? [closed]

I'd like to get an uberX to heathrow airport because I'm rushing, but I'm not sure how difficult it will be. Do drivers normally decline jobs there?
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Travel from Venice, Italy to Cologne, Germany

Unfortunately, I missed my Ryan air flight from Venice to Cologne (Köln). Now I am in trouble. What can be optimal way by bus or train? Or where can I get some rideshare facility?
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Roadtrip coast to coast in the USA, let someone else drive car back

Hiring a car for a one-way trip across the USA is a lot more expensive than hiring it for a round-trip, even for the same distance, car and number of days. Theoretically, if one found another group ...
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Do Lyft or Uber pick up at San Francisco International airport?

Are Lyft or Uber allowed to pick up at San Francisco International Airport? SFO appears to be within Lyft's coverage map, but I know special rules sometimes apply at airports. I waited till the last ...
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Kaza to Manali via Rohtang Pass in bus / shared vehicle

I am planning to travel through this route entirely in bus/shared vehicles:     Delhi → Shimla → Rampur → Peo → Pooh → Kaza → Rohtang Pass → Manali → Kulu → Delhi Earlier I covered Delhi to Pooh and ...
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Carpooling, in general, and in Iceland in particular?

While I'm figuring out what's the best and cheapest method for me to move around Iceland I came across Car pooling which sounds very interesting. To cut a long story short, you share a car with ...
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Ride-sharing in Sweden?

Is there a popular website for arranging ride-sharing in Sweden? In Germany I've had good luck with /, but that site doesn't seem to get much use in Sweden. Is ...
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List of carpooling services outside Europe and the US?

Europe has a fair share of ad-hoc carpool services like So does the US. But what about the rest of the world? Are there relevant ad-hoc online carpool services out there? So, what ...
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Mitfahrzentrale-style website for Norway?

Does anyone know a Mitfahrzentrale-style website for Norway, for planned hitch-hiking? I need to travel from Kiruna (Sweden) to Tromsø (Norway) on 20 December, and the first train arrives in Narvik ...
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What are the most effective rideshare sites in the US?

Recently, I have been traveling from upstate New York to NYC quite frequently and would like to find a site that is more effective than craigslist in attracting reliable rideshares for splitting gas ...
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