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Skip return flight

I am flying Norse. We want to move up the return date but Norse will charge us $1,000 just for the change (the fare difference will be added to this). Can I purchase a one-way for the earlier return ...
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Visa from Italy and return from Germany

I am not an EU citizen. I wonder if I get a Schengen visa from Italy and a flight to Milan, is it okay if my return flight is from Frankfurt?
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Can i come back to Poland if I leave Poland just before my visa expires and have already applied for TRC

My visa will expire soon but i have applied for TRC and have a stamp of the same.. I want to return back to India. Will there be any consequence in returning back to the country in the future..?? Will ...
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What happens if a passenger dies on a cruise ship?

Assume that a passenger on a cruise ship has something like a heart attack and it's quite clear that they're dead (any attempts at reanimation failed for a reasonable amount of time). Assume the ship ...
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Requirement for a return ticket when visiting UK

My friend - an American citizen is coming to stay with me in the UK long term soon. She has a work visa and an updated vignette. She is concerned that she will need a return ticket for the next day of ...
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Return by immigration officials

I was returned from entering SA by a immigration officer because I couldn’t show them funds in my account and my passport was stamped and (ADMISSION APPLIED FOR) was written in it. What does that mean?...
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Wizzair discount club no-show of club member

I booked 6 return tickets using Wizzair discount club to complete the booking. During the booking it was said that you have to be a passenger in order to use Wizzair Discount Club. But now something ...
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Is it safe for an ESTA waiver visitor to return to Japan until the corona virus has been contained?

Can my ESTA waiver visitor from Japan extend her stay here with us until it is safe to return to Japan?
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Is my 100% ticket actually refundable?

So I've booked a round-trip ticket with Latam, from the US to Argentina. Thing is, I purposefully booked the return ticket ( Argentina-US) %100 refundable whereas the flight US-Argentina is 30% ...
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Going to Bilbao for Christmas and returning to England. Will I have trouble getting back in to complete the 180 days? [duplicate]

I've been in England since late October this year, and will be leaving early April, but I plan to travel to Bilbao at Christmas for 5 days, and then return to England where I have been visiting ...
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Carrying a UPS Return Package with Phones, from the US and back

I need to return 3 phones that were recently purchased from US, I will be travelling from India to US (SFO). Is it okay to carry 3 Phones (packed-unused) with a valid UPS return package. Will this ...
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Do I need return flight proof in order to board from Madrid to Montevideo with Iberia?

I'm French and am gonna travel soon from Madrid, Spain to Montevideo, Uruguay with the Spanish air company Iberia. I know that some companies require from their costumers to show a proof of the return ...
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UK visa return shipping label question

Section 3 of the visa application instructions says the following: 3.1 Return shipping To have your documents returned you must provide a fully addressed prepaid electronic shipping label (we cannot ...
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UK Standard Visitor Visa from USA - What type of Return Shipping label should be purchased

I reviewed many answers and the following ones, Can a husband and wife combine their UK Standard Visitor visa applications? The recommendations provided on the site, helped me with the fact that we ...
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Co-ordinating a return and one-way ticket

I need to fly domestically in the US from A -> B -> A on a return ticket and in the process meet-up with someone who will fly B -> A on a one-way ticket. (Note that this will involve a layover ...
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Returning to Sweden after a 90 day visist [duplicate]

I returned from Sweden 11/20/18 after a 90 day visit there. When can I return to Sweden for 30 days?
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2 answers

Modifying one leg of round trip ticket

Not too sure of this is possible, or if the only solution for this issue is actually booking multi-city single tickets however here’s a shot... So my plan is to fly from London to Dubai on Aeroflot ...
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Single train tickets that cannot be bought alone

I was looking to go from London (Euston) to Llanfairfechan 13/10 and back the next day from Llandudno Junction to London. For London to Llanfairfechan at I got Return from £92.90 ...
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Detained at Heathrow and denied entry when can I visit again [closed]

I was recently traveling to the UK to visit friends. I was detained at Heathrow and held and sent back to the US. The reason they gave is that I had past paystubs with me and a card that said good ...
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Can I leave and re-enter with US expired I-94 but with I-797c receipt?

I have a valid B1 visa, but the I-94 stamp is expired. Because when I entered the US the immigration employer stamped the I-94 and wrote limited stay for one month. So, I submitted the I-539 ...
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Indian custom: Gifting sweets when returning from travel

I would be grateful for an explanation of a custom that I have observed among colleagues from India - good Indian etiquette that seems to be extend to co-workers at my new workplace (outside India) ...
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