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Questions tagged [repeat-visits]

For questions about repeatedly visiting a given country in a short period of time. E.g. visiting the UK three times in a row on back-to-back tourist visas.

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UK Visit visa after leaving without notifying

Let me summaerize my situation: UK student visa: 2011 Visa canceled (deception of language certificate in the UK, after extending my visa) and ordered to leave in 60 days: end of 2013. Appealed ...
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How does travel history affect future visits?

I have visited Canada three times and plan to return for a fourth visit after a gap of 9 months. Will my travel history have any impact on my next trip? I have never overstayed during my previous ...
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Can I visit japan again this year after I’ve visited 105 days but was given 2 90 day visit passport

Can I go to japan after I was given 2 90 day stickers in my passport but only stayed 104 days total? One visit 90 days and the second 2 weeks. I did not have my return flight at the time of my entry ...
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Can someone re-enter the USA on a tourist visa after 8 months outside of the country when they stayed earlier in the USA for 12 months?

My divorced parent came to visit us in the USA last year on tourist visas and then towards the end of their 6 months stay we extended their stay for another 6 months officially by applying for an ...
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Can I visit the UK while my UK marriage settlement visa application is pending?

I am a US Citizen and travel to the UK often (usually 1 week trips) to see my girlfriend (now Spouse) and visit our clients in London. Since getting married, we want to live in the UK (intention is ...
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