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Questions tagged [rental]

Renting and hiring anything from bicycles and boats to villas. But for cars use the "car-rental" tag instead.

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One way bike rental Amsterdam to Paris

Is there a company that rents bicycles in Amsterdam (or anywhere in The Netherlands) for a one way trip to Paris? In other words, pick up the bike in Amsterdam, and drop off in Paris 2 weeks later.
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4 votes
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Rent a racing bicycle in the Eifel, Germany

Is it possible to rent a racing bicycle in the Eifel, Germany? I seem to find only mountainbikes when I search for 'fahrradverleih'. Anywhere near Stadtkyll would be awesome.
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Renting a road or mountainbike in Pescara region

I would like to rent a proper road or mountain bike in August when travelling to Pescar, Italy. All I have found online are either "normal" bike rentals, i.e. trekking or utility bikes, or ...
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Kayaking with orcas around Vancouver Island, BC: Finding places and kayak rentals

I will be travelling to Vancouver Island, BC in June and would like, if possible, to kayak in the presence of orcas. How can I find out if there are any good spots with a high chance to see orcas ...
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