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Questions about obtaining Refunds for the various travel expenses.

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According to EU compensation rules, can you refund one leg of the journey but reroute the other?

In the case of the flight cancellation, EC261 requires airlines to give passengers the choice of: re-routing later rerouting at the passenger's convenience a refund of the ticket In case of ...
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Are the airports of Abu Dhabi (AUH) and Dubai (DWC/DXB) considered to be serving the same region?

This question relates to the definition of flight cancellation, following the following statement on the European Union's official information page for air passenger rights: Cancellation occurs when: ...
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Jet Airways has ceased operations. Can I get my ticket refunded?

A short while ago, a friend of mine booked an international itinerary on Jet Airways for the summer, flying out of India. This morning, it appears that Jet Airways has failed to find a buyer for a 75%...
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What can I do with an Istanbulkart after I hit the 500 lira monthly loading limit?

When travelling in Istanbul, it's possible for up to 5 people to share one Istanbulkart. However, if you're using the "anonymous" cards you can easily buy from vending machines, for some ...
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Online travel agency does not answer my messages about refunding my cancelled flights

I booked quite a few flights in 2020 that got cancelled because of the travel restrictions of the pandemic. The travel agency (quite a known one on the internet) had two options for the refund: ...
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How do I get a refund from the Mytrip travel agency?

Exactly two months ago, my daughter and her two friends booked flights through Mytrip. Unfortunately, their flight was cancelled. The airline has already refunded Mytrip for all three passengers' ...
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230 views booking with debit card

I have booked an apartment in Benidorm from Monday 25 to June 3rd of this year and I booked this with a debit card, but since booking I had to get a replacement card and was wondering if I try and ...
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Upgrade ticket booked via and then refund it

I booked a non-refundable train ticket from London to Paris (return journey) via Trainline just today. Unfortunately later that same day I put my passport through the washing machine, completely ...
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American Airlines 24-hour refund: how do I know if a ticket has "Sale-imposed nonrefundable taxes" or "Taxes we must pay whether or not you travel"?

I read on the American Airlines 24-hour refund policy (mirror) that "sale-imposed nonrefundable taxes" and "taxes we must pay whether or not you travel" are not refunded (see quote ...
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Hotel refund with

In February this year I had a hotel booked with It was classed as non refundable but was cancelled because the hotel went into administration just before travelling. promised a ...
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Can I get a cash refund from British Airways after applying for a voucher?

I booked my flight back in January with BA, the flight got cancelled in March due to Covid19. Many people have fallen into the trap they had on the website, where you try to get a cash refund and ...
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What to do when airline does not update you regarding refunds?

Back in February I cancelled a flight I booked with AirChina and asked for a refund due to COVID-19 cases. I would know later that my refund request was processed on March and I was informed, ...
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Unfairly charged by Iberia: what recourse do I have?

Iberia has unfairly charged me 60 euros of cancellation fees, directly contradicting their earlier promise, and their website does not have obvious ways to complain. What recourse do I have? Details: ...
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How to sell an ÖBB Nightjet ticket?

We bought two tickets for each of two separate Austrian Railways (ÖBB) Nightjet trains from Amsterdam to Innsbruck. The plan was to decide later which ones we would use. The problem is that we ...
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TAP Airline Refund

I purchased two tickets to Prague in November 2019 to leave June 16, 2020 on with the airline TAP -Then COVID hit. In May 2020 I was told by Priceline that I had to call TAP to ...
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How can I get a refund from TAP after they rescheduled my flight?

I have purchased non refundable tickets from TAP and they moved the flights more than 5 hours. Under EU law, if your flights are moved more than 5 hours you are entitled to a refund. How do I claim it?...
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Failure to book reported by OTA, but a refusal to refund. What to do?

I have flown from Berlin TXL to Paris ORY with Aigle Azur, flight number ZI608 (09:55 --- 11:55) on the 30th of April 2019. There is a circumstance regarding ticket sale which has had me, so far ...
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How to get an old boarding pass or some certificate?

My company is asking me to provide the boarding pass for reimbursement purposes. However I used the boarding pass via app and did not printed it out. I've found websites mentioning that it is not ...
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Refunds if first leg of Airticket is cancelled - Lufthansa premium economy

I had booked a one way Premium Economy ticket with Lufthansa on the following itinerary for me and my daughter 31st March - Bangalore - Frankfurt - Vancouver - Saskatoon I had booked a return ticket ...
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Refunding a flight ticket, bought via third party

I am planning to fly from Dubai in November. I haven't bought a ticket yet. I got a $100 gift coupon from a friend to buy ticket a specific third-party agency/aggregator, that I would like to use soon....
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Air China - non-refundable ticket

I have a non-refundable ticket with Air China bought this month (September). Travel starts in January, it's a round trip. My plans have changed and I can't fly on this date so I'm looking for ...
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