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Rajasthan, the largest state of the Republic of India borders Pakistan between Gujarat and the Punjab.

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Pitching own tents at Sambhar lake in Rajasthan?

I have seen pictures of Sambhar lake and it looks like a place where I would like to take my own tent and spend a night or two so I was wondering if this is allowed at Sambhar lake. I searched a lot ...
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Booked and boarding station differ; can we board from the booking station? [duplicate]

I have booked a ticked from Kota to Chennai and mention boarding from Ujjain. Can I travel from Kota? Is there any penalty, or do we have to go for a boarding change?
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Taxi from Udaipur airport to Karni fort, Bambora

I am looking for a transport for a group of ten from Udaipur airport to Karni fort, Bambora. How can I make an advance booking?
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Meeting westerners in northern India?

I'm backpacking in northern India in January by myself. How easy will it be to meet other western backpackers and does anyone have any advice on doing so? I've never been travelling before. I've ...
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Need malaria medication for Rajasthan in July / August?

I am going to Delhi and various towns in Rajasthan this summer. This part of India is usually low risk but then again, it will be monsoon season. I've been to see my GP who says it's a none to low ...
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Transfer to Udaipur airport

What are the available means of transport to get from Udaipur city center to Udaipur's Maharana Pratap airport? Please quote the prices as well.
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Need malaria meds for Rajasthan in February?

Rajasthan appears to be relatively low risk for malaria in February, so should I take malaria meds while I'm there (for two weeks) or just try to avoid getting bitten? Obviously I'll use Deet and take ...
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