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A viral disease that causes acute inflammation of the brain in humans and other warm-blooded animals.

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Taking an Emotional Support dog on an overnight trip to Hawaii [duplicate]

I have a tiny budget for a mini-vacation this year in December. I would like to arrive in Honolulu HNL at around 7 AM on Day 1 and fly back around 11pm on Day 2. Basically ~40 hours in Hawaii. I fly ...
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Is the rabies vaccine available in India?

In my travel plans to north India I have low risk profile for rabies an do not plan to get a "pre-exposure" vaccine. However, in case I do get bitten, is the rabies vaccine available in India?
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Do I need a rabies vaccination for Central America? [closed]

Going travelling across the whole of Central America for two months... Is it worth spending the money (around £150 - £200 in London) and the time (three appointments) getting a rabies vaccination ...
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Rabies vaccine booster dose in Indonesia?

Is it possible to get a (clean/safe) booster dose injection for a Rabies vaccine in Indonesia, preferably Yogyakarta or somewhere else in Java? And if so, where? Other locations in Indonesia are also ...
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Travelling to Georgia, should I get a rabies vaccination?

I'm travelling to Georgia (Asia) with my family. Should I get a rabies vaccination? They are recommended on the US Department of State site but they are very expensive ($1,000 per person!) so I was ...
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Rabies Injections - Visiting Phnom Tamao

I have recently gotten some travel injections for travelling to Cambodia. I am planning to go to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre and was wondering whether I should get rabies vaccinations? I ...
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