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Questions tagged [pyrenees]

A mountain range along the French/Spanish border and containing the *Principat de les Valls d'Andorra*.

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Clearest sky month in Pyrenees

I’m thinking of visiting the Pic du Midi observatory, in the Pyrenees. What time of year is statistically likely to have the clearest skies?
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French Pyrenees: Travel from Montréjeau—Gourdan-Polignan to Bagneres de Luchon

I am looking into transport options between: Montréjeau—Gourdan-Polignan to Bagneres de Luchon on Friday 27 July 2018. So far, I am aware of the bus that leaves at 09h43. This seems to be the only ...
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Pico de Aneto ascent

Is it possible to climb Pico de Aneto (the highest mountain in Pyrenees) without any special equipment in September (i.e. without crampons etc.) or is the terrain too snowy? Is it possible to do it in ...
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Public transport access to Pyrenees (GR10)

I am interested in hiking the GR10, a long hike crossing the Pyrenees mountain range from west to east. I will not hike it all at once but in sections I can cover in about a week at most. I have no ...
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Hiking the French-Spanish border?

Got the wild idea of following the French-Spanish border on foot. (I'm sure that bicycle is not feasible!) What are the legal/political issues, if any? Physical challenges? I know it is ...
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Is it comfortable to get from Barcelona to Pyrenees (La Molina) for one day skiing trip in January

Is it comfortable to get from Barcelona to Pyrenees (La Molina) for one day skiing trip in January? By train / bus / car / blablacar? I mean train would be probably the best but is there any? In ...
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What to do in Andorra during the summer? [closed]

I have the opportunity to visit Andorra in the summer (La Cortinada). The Pyrenees look beautiful, but I wonder what else is there to do except for shopping and hiking - although a (secret!) Holy ...
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Cellular internet coverage in the Pyrenees

I'm looking to buy a SIM card with a data plan. What company has coverage in the Pyrenees? Any recommendation for a plan with 3G coverage there?
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Any special requirements in driving from Spain to France?

I'm renting a car in Barcelona. And i would like to make a trip at the Pyrenees, both the Spanish and French sides. Are there any special requirements needed for the rented car?
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