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A predefined set of steps supposed to be followed in certain situations.

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Is there a procedure for wearing commercial airplane's oxygen mask when you have a tracheotomy?

If I remember correctly, commercial airplanes are designed to release oxygen masks if the oxygen level drops too low, or if the cabin is too depressurised while in high altitude, and the chemical ...
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What is the protocol for visa overstay at Zurich airport, and will I get the judgement?

A tour company prepared our visa papers for a trip of 7 days to Prague and Berlin and applied for a Schengen visa. We got a visa and sent copies to the tour company and they okayed everything. While ...
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Help re protocol on landing at JFK? [duplicate]

im a single traveller going to NYC for an adventure and landing at JFK in three weeks. Im a complete novice and have no idea what to expect when I land, what do I do first? what security do I have to ...
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