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Questions tagged [prohibited-items]

For questions about whether or not goods may be transported in an aircraft cabin or hold, items that may or may not be imported at all or without a special permit, that may or may not be inserted into a postal system, and similar.

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69 votes
5 answers

Are there any flights which permits a Sikh to carry a kirpan?

I am a religious Sikh from Jalandhar, India. I have not travelled outside of the country for a single time so far. However, my family is pestering me to take them for a jolly holiday trip to a ...
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5 answers

Can you carry drones (eg. DJI Phantom or Inspire) on a plane as a carry on?

I live in the US and contemplating travel to Europe next Spring and taking a drone with a couple of extra batteries as carry-on, to get some aerial shots. The batteries are 5200mAh (57.72Wh) each on ...
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2 answers

Can I carry spare Lithium-Ion batteries with me on Lufthansa?

I am travelling from the US to India on Lufthansa. I have five spare Lithium-ion batteries, each 850mAh. Can I bring them back safely?
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12 votes
3 answers

Can I carry a ceramic knife in the cabin baggage?

On the airlines website, knives are listed as restricted items (but are not prohibited). I do not have any checked in luggage and am travelling from Darwin (Australia) to Singapore in Singapore ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Can you take large umbrellas on a plane?

By large umbrellas, I mean the non-collapsible ones that look like these : Will there be any issue with bringing around a long, pointy object on aircraft?
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2 answers

Air travel with lighters

In Southeast Asia I anticipate purchasing multiple, old Zippo lighters to bring to the United States. I've attempted this previously but the lighters disappeared from my checked luggage in either ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can you take the "other" type of nail clipper in hand baggage?

Here are "normal" nail clippers - Here's the "other" type of nail clipper {These seem to be called "German" nail clippers, "European" nail clippers, "medical" nail clippers, "professional" nail ...
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Will a wire frame trekking backpack get past security in the US and EU?

My Gregory backpack contains a 55 cm wire frame, which can be removed (see photo). I would like to take it as carry-on. Could getting past security be a problem in the US or Europe?
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