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*Letiště Václava Havla Praha* Václav Havel Airport Prague (IATA: PRG) located some 10 km west of the centre of Prague in the Czech Republic.

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Why does China Eastern airlines still fly daily to Prague? [closed]

The Czech Republic has been keeping their borders shut for more than a month now and likewise China closed their borders to all foreigners back in March. However mysteriously there is a daily flight ...
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Does 72 hour transportation pass for zones P 0 B in Prague get you to the airport?

I bought a 3 day pass in Prague. On the back it says it's valid for zones P, 0, B. I have no idea where these zones are. On the internet, someone said it covers beyond the airport. But that doesn't ...
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What are the taxi options from Prague Airport?

My Dad will be arriving into Prague airport Terminal 1 at 22:40 tonight. I called AAA taxis to book a cab but they said they can only wait ten minutes so better call them when he has picked up his ...
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Why does immigration check passports at some Schengen-only terminals?

I regularly fly from Prague airport where there's a separate Schengen-only terminal (Terminal 2). The terminal is completely separated from foreign flights and on arrival there's no passport control: ...
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Are there any drinking-water fountains in Prague PRG airport?

I've recently started using the take-an-empty-water-bottle-through-security technique hoping to fill it in once I pass the security checks. I'm not a big fan of overpriced bottled water. Are there ...
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Is it safe to leave my luggage in a baggage deposit? [closed]

I'm spending 2 days in Prague, and I'd like to leave my huge bag (with my laptop) in the Prague airport baggage deposit. Is it safe to do that (theft-wise) or should I always be carrying my ...
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How can I reach Prague airport during the night hours?

I have a flight at 06:00 in the morning from Prague, which means I need to be at the airport around 04:00 in the morning. How can I reach the airport from the center of the city? Is taxi a good ...
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