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Questions about travelling while pregnant, and about becoming pregnant while travelling.

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Entering the UK whilst pregnant?

Is it possible to be refused entry at UK passport control, if I am visiting the UK for 3 weeks to celebrate our wedding (to my UK husband)? I worry that they will think I am attempting to move there ...
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Advice on booking flight tickets while pregnant [closed]

My wife would like to travel a few days before Christmas; she will be 30 weeks pregnant (from last period) at that moment. The policy of most airlines is that women that are between 28 and 36 weeks ...
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Traveling on H4 visa in pregnancy

I've got H1b visa and I will be traveling to USA in October, my wife (H4 visa) will travel in December (if I get clarity on the assignment length). My wife is 3 months pregnant & by December she ...
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Country to live in for ~2 months when pregnant [closed]

What would be a good country to live in for around 2 months, for a family of 3 (myself, my wife and our 2 yo child), assuming my wife would be pregnant at a time with our second child? Here are ...
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Applying for belgium visa with pregnant wife [closed]

I am from India. I am expecting a job offer from a company in Belgium. The company will provide me work permit and help me with the visa process. I have some queries regarding visa process to bring my ...
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Is it safe to travel around Japan when pregnant, regarding radiation? [closed]

We are considering travelling to Japan in May. Maybe I'm pregnant on the journey. We plan to travel around Tokyo, Kyoto and the countryside. Will radiation be too dangerous during pregnancy?
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How to decide on travel to possible Zika zone while pregnant

I have x-posted on the health stack site. Anyone with first hand knowledge about traveling to Argentina while 4 months pregnant? The CDC states that Argentina is a Level 2 Alert country (Practice ...
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Pregnant in US in tourist visa without insurance [closed]

Me and my wife travel to the United states for tourist and business. My wife is 29 week pregnant and very healthy. First my plan was travel here a month and come back to give birth at home. However, ...
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Health travel insurance for pregnant woman (34th week) and unborn baby

A Canadian woman is going on a trip to the USA, and the flight back to Canada is on the 1st day of her 34th week of her pregnancy. The pregnancy has been completely normal so far. Is there any travel ...
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Visiting doctors while staying in Australia?

My job takes my overseas -- sometimes very far away. For now my wife is pregnant and is around 19 weeks. She is coming out to see me a few weeks at a time, and is intending on staying until she is due ...
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Thailand Zika Travel and Pregnant?

We've found out that we are pregnant (about 10 weeks) and have a 2 week trip in Thailand. (A few of the Islands). The date of departure is mid December. I'm having a hard time understanding what ...
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Should I get travel insurance for a trip booked as a mileage award?

My wife and I are planning a trip as a "babymoon," and are hoping to fly using award flights as we have more than enough miles - but as my wife is pregnant I am nervous that something might happen and ...
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Visiting countries during pregnancy

Say a woman is 3-4 months pregnant. How safe and reliable is to visit countries such as Nepal or Cuba? I did some research on vaccines to be injected (Asociación de Médicos de Sanidad Exterior - ...
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Is an Australian travel insurance company right not to honor a cancellation claim even if I can't enter the country while pregnant?

So I've booked tickets to Malaysia about a year ago after we found some super cheap tickets (non-refundable, non-changeable). A couple of months after booking the ticket, I got pregnant, and will be ...
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Insurance for travel to the USA while pregnant

I'm five weeks pregnant and accompanying my husband to the USA for two months. Can I get medical insurance? If so, what companies, premiums and coverage?
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Where can I get insurance for travel in late pregnancy?

My wife and I need to travel to the United States, but she will be 30 weeks pregnant by the time the trip ends. In addition to it being a very good idea in general, the US effectively requires travel ...
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Can a pregnant woman travel on a cruise ship without restriction?

Are there any laws or regulations that forbid pregnant women from participating on a cruise? Or does this vary from organization to organization. If so, are there any common rules?
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Travelling to Canada while pregnant

I know the US can be restrictive on pregnant women travelling there unless you provide them with: due date medical insurance information length of time in US ability or plan to return home Source I ...
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Flying while pregnant?

Do all airlines have a standard policy on pregnant women flying with them? I know of Qantas's policies, but would I have to check every other airline to verify they're all the same?
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