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Questions regarding the use of the Portuguese Language.

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In Portugal, what exactly is a Cimbalino

In Portugal, you normally order a short shot of coffee (espresso) asking for "um café" or "uma bica", which is pretty much used all over the country. But lately I started to notice ...
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Can you travel to Portugal with a new passport and the visa in the old passport?

I was recently awarded an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to study in Portugal and was granted with a Portuguese student visa valid until August, 2022. Before departure, I applied for passport renewal as ...
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Portuguese phrasebook using IPA

I'm looking for a European Portuguese phrasebook that uses IPA. A major problem with most phrasebooks is that they attempt to describe pronunciation with some pseudo-phonetical approximation in a ...
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Is speaking Portuguese useful in Macau today?

Macau sets Portuguese as one of its official languages, but according to the Wikipedia page, only 0.6% speak it at home. However, people speaking it at home should be those who use it as their native ...
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Communicating in English or basic Portuguese in Brazil

Do Brazilian people understand English? I know basic Portuguese. Would communication be an issue?
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Holidays in Brazil without Portuguese

I consider a holiday in Brazil, especially Florianópolis. But I can't speak any Portuguese. Can I get around there with English and a little Spanish?
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Will I be understood in all Portuguese-speaking countries, if I learn Portuguese in Portugal?

I really like the Portuguese language, but if I want to be understood in all Portuguese speaking countries (e.g. Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique), would it be enough to speak "Portuguese" ...
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