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Second-largest city in Portugal, after Lisbon.

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Looking for a nice beach in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal [closed]

Me and my wife are having a vacation in August in Lisbon. We are also planning to go to Porto. We want to go to a beach to spend a whole day. We want to swim, drink beers, eat some food (emphasis on ...
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How do I get from Leixões to Ribeira?

Can I hail a taxi from the Porto Leixões Cruise Terminal near Porto? Or do I need to book? Next quickest transport to Ribeira? I should be at the Cruise Terminal at around 9 am, and will have no ...
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Issue while reissue of Portugal Railway ticket

I booked two tickets from online app from Lisbon to Porto and return on 28th Jul, 2018. Lisbon to Porto journey date was 9th Sep, 2018 and return date is 13th September, 2018. We came to Porto on 9th, ...
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Basel to Porto for non-EU citizen. Is there a passport check?

I am travelling from Basel to Porto next week and discovered, after I booked the flight, that I have lost my passport. Although now I have applied for a new one, it won't arrive before my date of ...
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What are the luggage storage options available in Porto?

I have a day to kill in Porto and a large suitcase I don't wish to haul around the city. Once I'm done touring I'll be heading for the airport. What are the luggage storage options available in Porto?
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Can I check my luggage the night before the flight in Porto Airport?

I'll be having an early morning flight (6 am) from Porto Airport (OPO) with Lufthansa. Will I be able to drop my luggage (assume I checked in online) the night before?
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Rent a car without credit card in Portugal

We will go to Porto tomorrow and ordered a credit card but it is delayed. So we are in trouble renting a car in Porto. Any idea if it is possible to rent a car without a credit card there and if so ...
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Looking for a sunset spot in Porto, Portugal

As mentioned in my question I am looking for a sunset spot in Porto. That could be something like a beach or park with good view of the sunset to have a glass of port wine from the supermarket and ...
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Queima das Fitas (Burning of the Ribbons) Porto/Coimbra 2014

I have been desperately trying to find more information on the Queima das Fitas student parties in Portugal (Porto and Coimbra). I have tried many resources, but the websites are not updated and ...
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