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Questions regarding visiting Portland, OR.

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No Portland to Detroit direct flight?

I'm not familiar with flying from Portland, Oregon, to Detroit, but I need to acquire some data for a situation I'm involved in. Based on Google Flights, I cannot find a single direct flight from ...
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Will my NYC Learner's Permit allow me to travel domestically without a passport?

I'm travelling from NYC to Oregon on the 20th of June, and just now I checked my passport and realized it had expired in April. If I want to renew my passport, I either have to wait 8 weeks or more to ...
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Is four hours enough time to get to Portland from PDX and back?

I'm flying domestically and have a four-hour layover at the Portland (Oregon) airport. Is that enough time to get into the city and back in time for my flight? We'll have backpacks, no suitcases.
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Travelling to Bend, Oregon from Portland in winter

I will be travelling from Portland (more specifically Hillsboro (Tanasbourne)) to Bend, Oregon for a weekend ski trip. I have not done this route before and know of a couple ways via car to get there. ...
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What publicly accessible vantage points exist in Portland, Oregon?

Any publicly accessible tall buildings that are good for views & photography in Portland, Oregon? Or is the Aerial tram a better bet?
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City trip planner tool

I am planning to go to a vacation trip (in the US) in which I want to make a number of stops in certain cities, several days each. I'd like to have a good plan of what to visit, how much time would it ...
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Is it safe to walk around downtown Portland, Oregon (USA) at night?

I will be visiting Portland on a business trip, and will be able to sightsee only at night. Is it safe to leave my hotel located downtown and walk around?
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Can you sightsee in Portland, Oregon without a car?

I know that for many US cities, a car is either required for all sightseeing, or for most sightseeing beyond the basics. (Covered by questions such as these). However, I hear that Portland, Oregon is ...
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