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Large country in northern Central Europe, with Warsaw as the capital.

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How much have eastern Bieszczady Mountains changed over the last 30 years?

I used to trek across the eastern Bieszczady Mountains 30 years ago when visiting Poland. It was awesome. I am planning to be back (this time with my teen children) and would like to understand how ...
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Can i come back to Poland if I leave Poland just before my visa expires and have already applied for TRC

My visa will expire soon but i have applied for TRC and have a stamp of the same.. I want to return back to India. Will there be any consequence in returning back to the country in the future..?? Will ...
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What is the social rule regarding eye-contact in Poland?

Do Polish people in Eastern (historic Russian) Poland avoid eye contact while talking to brown people, or, is it a social norm in Poland? If it is a social norm, is this also prevalent in Western (...
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