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A city and UNESCO World Heritage Site in south Jordan. Sometimes called the Rose City.

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Discount on Petra Entrance Fees or Jordan Visa Fees if I spend 2 nights in Jordan

I will be flying in to Aqaba and spending 2 nights/3 days in Jordan, including visiting Petra. I will be leaving Jordan via the Wadi Araba Crossing to Eilat. I have heard that there are discounts for ...
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risk of flooding in petra in november

My tentative plans have me in Egypt from November 12 - November 23. I was thinking it could be cool to visit Petra before hand. Maybe like November 9 - November 11 or some such. The concern I have ...
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Should multiple entries in Petra be on conscutive days when buying a Jordan pass?

There is 3 different Jordan pass and the only difference between them is the number of allowed entries in Petra. However, I'd like to know if the entries must be on consecutive days ? I tried to ...
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Getting to Petra from Amman in Jordan

Let's say I fly into Queen Alia International Airport / Amman in Jordan. How would I get to Petra without renting a car? Apparently there's a bus that'll take me from Abdali to Petra. Where's Abdali? ...
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Four days in Jordan / Amman. Itinerary suggestions?

I plan on going to Amman, Jordan for four days in March. I plan to spend a day visiting the Petra Caves - don't want to spend more than a day there unless absolutely necessary as otherwise I'd have to ...
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How do I visit Petra from Israel?

I am going to Israel later in the year and would like to visit Petra while I'm in the region. I understand that as a UK citizen, I need a visa but I don't need to apply for one prior to travelling? ...
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