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Questions tagged [permesso-di-soggiorno]

For questions about the Italian "permesso di soggiorno", which is a residency permit issued to foreigners living in Italy.

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Permesso di Soggiorno Illimitato

I am planning to visit my sick relative in Italy. I have a permesso di soggiorno illimitato. I went to the UK using my family visa that time and I was not able to return right away to Italy because ...
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Can I enter France from outside the Schengen area with a valid permesso di soggiorno?

I get a récépissé while waiting for my France carte de séjour. I also have Italian permesso di soggiorno that's valid until 03/08/2021. Is it possible to enter France from an Asian country with ...
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Student in Italy (Valid D-Visa 1 Year) Travel Outside Italy While Awaiting First Permesso di Soggiorno

I'm an international student (Indian Passport) and I've just started my first year of education here in Milan. My study visa (D) is valid for a year, I've gotten my fiscale code and the receipt for ...
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Re-entry to Italy after expired Permesso di Soggiorno but valid multiple entry student visa

I hold a Type D Student Visa in Italy with multiple entry until 24 Nov. Italy issued my Permesso di Soggiorno with expiry of my original leaving date on 31 Oct. However, I've extended my stay in Italy ...
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Italy entry information - Lost permit in Italy but I have renewal receipt

I lost my permit in Italy, applied for it again but since it was expiring they had me apply for a renwal. I traveled to my home country with a valid visa still but now I want to come back, I only have ...
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Can I travel to Italy with my permesso di soggiorno?

I have been living in the uk for 5 years now and I have settled status but I also have a permesso di soggiorno Illimitata from Italy. My husband is a Italian national but I am not. Since moving to the ...
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UK visa application with an Italian Ricevuta as a non-EU citizen

I have been living in Italy for 6 years and I have a non-EU citizenship. Right now, I only have the ricevuta. I’ve applied for a UK Skilled Worker visa and one of the documents they require is the ...
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Traveling Outside Italy with an Awaiting Permit Renewal and Valid Student Visa

If i have a valid student visa and i am awaiting the renewal of my permit but i have the receipt, can i still travel outside of italy? Can i still visit to countries other than my home country? I ...
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