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For situations where one needs to show proof of original payment (e.g. "Do I need to show the credit card used for booking a Delta flight?")

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Book flight with virtual credit card. Airline requires me to present the physical card prior to checking

I booked a flight for myself using my virtual credit card. It is a totally legit VISA card to my name from a bank in the departure country. However, it is totally virtual. Now, after the payment, ...
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Debit card hotel booking

I used my debit card to book a hotel. Then I received a confirmation but I wasn't charged as well. Will I be charged on the day of check in?
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Waiter asking to see ID when using credit card in Mexico

I was at a nice restaurant and had about 50 usd worth of drinks. I paid with my visa and the bartender asked for ID. In my somewhat jovial state I obliged without question. She took both my ID and the ...
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Non credit card holder travelling turkey [duplicate]

I am an Indian who has booked my flight tickets from someone else credit card from Turkish Airlines which travels from Istanbul to other city in Turkey. Will there be problem since I am not the credit ...
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Showing credit card for international flight purchased with online travel agency

I recently purchased a ticket for my friend to fly from Argentina to the US. He will be flying with Delta. I am concerned that he will be asked to show my credit card at the check-in desk, but he does ...
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Travel to USA - do I need to show the credit card?

I've booked a flight via Air France NUE <-> JFK. I distantly remember reading somewhere that I will be required to show the credit/debit card I've booked the ticket with at boarding, however I wasn'...
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Flying Turkish Airlines, what are credit card rules?

I have return tickets flying out of SFO on Turkish airlines for the whole family. The credit card I used to book the tickets has since been replaced by the bank with a new card. In order to board, ...
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Is it mandatory to show the debit card used for payment while checking in on Air India flights?

I have booked a ticket of air india from new delhi to guwahati from its merchants website. The terms and conditions regarding boarding the plane states that along with the identification proof we ...
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Identification on German trains

I am a student from South Africa travelling to Germany in around a month. I want to book my train tickets on the Deutsche Bahn website. Since I'm a bit hesitant to order tickets for delivery by mail (...
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Wrong card holder entry

What will happen if i write a wrong CARD HOLDER name when buying a plane ticket? With my brother in-laws consent, I used his credit card to buy a plane ticket. For Card Holder, I put The Bank Name ...
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Is it ok to use a virtual credit card to buy an airplane ticket?

Lately I've been reading a lot about people who are asked for the VISA card with which they bought the flight when doing the check in. In these situations they are not allowed to board. Many of these ...
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Someone else is booking international ticket for me using their credit or debit card. Do they need to be present physically at the time of check in?

If someone else is booking international ticket for me using his credit or debit card, does he need to be present physically at the time of check-in? Suppose I am coming back from Singapore to my ...
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