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*Ciudad de Panamá* in the province of Panama at the Pacific end of the Panama Canal.

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What is a time/km charge on a car rental?

I am looking to rent a car in Panama City, Panama via Thrifty. I went to their website,, and put in the desired information (mid sized car, start/end dates, etc...) and was delivered ...
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Are there any luggage storage facilities in Albrook airport, Panama City?

We are on a round-the-world trip so we have a lot of luggage, but Air Panama flights from Albrook Airport in Panama (PAC) only allow 14 kg of luggage per person. Is there anywhere at Albrook Airport ...
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Why does my baggage need to go through X-ray to go out of the airport in Panama City?

I already have been in some countries, including South America and tje US. However, when I was in Panamá, something grabbed my attention. Why does my baggage need to go through an X-ray to go out of ...
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Is the Panama Canal and locks visible from outside, without purchasing tour tickets?

I am planning a visit to Panama Canal, (8 hr layover PTY). I looked around and could not find a definitive answer if the canal is visible without tickets. Based on Kuba's answer, I wanted to plan a ...
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Layover in Panama City, how much time do I need to see the canal

Hi I have a layover in Panama city with 2 choices On the way there, from 7:30 PM to 11:PM or, from 12:00 afternoon to 5:00 PM Question: Is this enough time to see the canal? and what is the safest ...
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Is it possible to travel from Panama City to Medellin, Colombia by car/bus? [duplicate]

I'm from Brazil and I'm planning to fly to Panama and then take a bus from Panama City to Medellin, is it possible? Direct flights are so expensive!
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Vantage point for photography in Panama City

Yes, we have similar questions for Manhattan, London and Vancouver, but what about Panama City? It has a lot of skyscrapers, but WikiVoyage, Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor mention nothing about a ...
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Bus options from Tocumen International Airport (PTY) to downtown Panama City

Various sources claim that it's impossible to get a Metrobus card for the bus from Tocumen to Panama City. However, these sources are old enough to mention the Red Devil buses. What is the current ...
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What dialect of Spanish do the locals speak in Panama City?

Do the locals speak standard Spanish or some sort of dialect? To get around Panama City what language does need to know? Is English popular or is knowing Spanish vital?
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