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Questions tagged [packing]

The art and science of temporary storage during travel and materials for protecting goods moved between locations. Not to be confused with the [backpacking] tag.

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How to carry kitchenware when traveling interstate through buses/trains?

Essentially title. What would be the best way to carry the required for cooking when travelling interstate? I am talking about items like knives, pots and so on. Putting them directly in the luggage ...
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How to prevent damp items from getting gross in luggage

I occasionally travel for the weekend to a location 3 hours away by car. I have some toiletry items that I've often had to pack lightly damp, and despite me trying to take them out right when I arrive ...
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When packing a stack of folded t-shirts in a suitcase, how to reduce the likelihood that they unfold?

When packing a stack of folded t-shirts in a suitcase, how to reduce the likelihood that they unfold? Assume the suitcase will go on a car ride or take the plane.
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Can I carry a PC in a flight?

I was wondering if I can bring my all in one lenovo pc. It's exactly or similar to this . I was wondering if it'll be to big or ...
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Rolling shirts in a bundle VS laying them flat while packing?

I am using 40/45 liter backpacks with front-loading. What I did so far was the following: I put 2-3 shirt and sweaters, fold vertically and then roll. Then I stuff such rolled batches next to each ...
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Traveling Alone to Europe [closed]

I am planning a solo trip to Europe. I am a U.S passport holder and have an additional non-U.S. passport. I've never traveled by myself and have some questions. Also, the countries I plan to see are ...
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Keeping men's razor blades sharp for traveling

When I'm at home I use a double edged safety razor to shave. TSA won't let me fly with safety razors, so when I travel I use a Mach 3 razor. My problem is that when I open a package of Mach 3 razors ...
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What's a packing list one could use when traveling to a place with hot weather?

I'm traveling to a place with hot weather for a few weeks. What's a good packing list I could use to prepare myself and make sure I don't have to buy anything from the local stores (except food)? ...
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Help with packing for staying at multiple hotels for 2 week trip

We are flying out to Utah; getting a rental car and doing about 13 days of Utah Parks/Grand Canyon then Vegas for our last 3 nights. We will be staying at a total of 8 different hotels from the time ...
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Laptop in hand luggage with qatar airways from UK to india

I want to take my laptop as I need to its related to my work. However it will not fit in my hand luggage it is heavy (HP pavillion g6). And I've been searching online and a lot of people have said ...
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Backpack or Tote Bag: Which is a better personal item? [closed]

I am planning to travel to Sydney, Australia sometime in June 2017 and I plan to travel carry on only with a personal item. I'm flying with United airlines and their maximum dimensions are 17 inches H,...
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What are packing cubes and amenity kits?

How to keep track of all things you are carrying in the luggage and where they are? mentions packing cubes and amenity kits. Can somebody explain or/and elaborate about what these are and how they ...
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How to Pack for 4 Week Trek? [closed]

I apologize if this is too broad, but I am packing for a 4 week trip through South America. We will be trekking in Torres del Paine for 8-10 days and from Cusco to Macchu Picchu over 5 days. In ...
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Taking wet things through airport security

Does something soaked in water count as a "liquid or gel" for going through security? Say I went swimming in the morning, and I have my wet bathing suit in a plastic bag. Is that a problem? Should I ...
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Optimal packing method for bras?

This is a question for all the ladies of StackExchange. As a frequent traveller, I've found a few ways to pack bras better but I wanted to reach out to the peanut gallery and see if there was any ...
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Transport bread maker on Turkish Airlines

I am flying from London to Tbilisi in a couple of days, on Turkish Airlines with a transfer in Istanbul. I need to take with me a bread maker - it's well used and doesn't have the original box (lost ...
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