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The practice of remaining in a country longer than allowed by one's stay permit (visa or residency card).

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Am I in trouble? I found out I stayed more than my allowed Schengen visa duration of stay!

I am a UK student who visited Italy in July of this year. The validity of my visa was for one month, with multiple entries. The date of entry was 6/7/22 (Pisa) and the date of exit was 26/7/22 (...
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How do I know about judgement on Schengen Visa overstay for 2 days in Switzerland?

I am an Indian graduate student in US and was doing internship in Switzerland last summer. I entered Switzerland via Zurich on June 1 2019 and left Zurich on August 31 2019. I had a 90 days visa as my ...
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Overstayed by 11 years in the Philippines

My son has overstayed his visa and has been living in the Philippines for 11 years. I would like to bring him back to the United States. I am unsure of the amount of fines he would have to pay. I ...
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I overstayed in Spain with residence visa, but again received a new residence visa. Can I enter Spain?

I had a residence permit in Spain but I overstayed for several months after the residence period expires. While departing Spain, the immigration officer took a photo of my passport and verbally warned ...
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Given travel ban in South Africa although I did not overstay

I traveled to SA in December 2018 and was given a 3 month visa stamp. I spent a few days in SA, and then I entered Mozambique through land border and stayed there for a few days, before heading back ...
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Which types of UK visa applications are affected by entry bans, and which are unaffected?

In the UK, policy is to "ban" applicants from entering for various periods of between 1 and 10 years if they are found to commit various misdeeds, like deception on an application, ...
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UK visa application for a person who had overstayed earlier

About 3 years back my parents, both Indian citizens visited my sister, a UK citizen. About a week before they were supposed to return, my father was hospitalised. The Visa was was about to expire in 2 ...
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Friend overstayed for a week in Schengen. Possible consequences for future visa?

My friend from Canada loves Europe. Recently when exiting they couldn’t find an entry stamp in her passport. On entry, She had gone through the immigration in the same line as I did (Schengen citizen) ...
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Overstayed in Brazil, can I travel to Mexico/Philippines?

I'm a Canadian citizen and have overstayed my tourist visa in Brazil for the last 1.5 years. If I travel from Brazil to say Mexico or the Philippines, would I be denied by immigration officials there?
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Can a "shorter-than-usual" entry stamp be extended?

I entered Paraguay by land and they gave me 15 days instead of 90 days. It was due to the fact that it looked suspicious to them that I didn't have hotel reservations for all of my stay. But I never ...
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Overstayed my visa by 1 year and 5 months 14 years ago. Would like to visit for 20 days. Do I need to apply for a visa?

I am a Slovak citizen with Slovak passport, and UK resident with settled status. I live and work in the UK. I have a mortgage, children go to school here. Do I apply for a visa in Slovakia?
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