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Capital and fourth largest city of Canada

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Finding our way on buses in Ottawa and Winnipeg

We live in London, and the buses have automated systems to let you know the name of the next bus stop ahead of time. This makes them really easy to use and very difficult to get lost. We're going on ...
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Transport from Ottawa airport to University area?

What options for transportation from Ottawa international airport (YOW) to the University of Ottawa area? Interested in daytime hours but also middle-of-the-night options (2 AM). Other than renting ...
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What facilities does Ottawa airport provide after security?

Is there a pharmacy and a sit-down restaurant available after security at Ottawa airport?
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How to get to Gatineau Park from downtown Ottawa by public transport?

I tried to find a way to use public transport to get from downtown Ottawa to the Gatineau park. But neither Google Maps can found a route nor is anything about public transport mentioned on the ...
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Montreal - Ottawa night connection at Sunday

How I can reach Ottawa from Montreal at the later evening (approximately from 22:00 or even 23:00) at Sunday? Does some public connection (train, night bus or something else) exist?
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Bus stops at Ottawa University

I'm traveling Montreal-Ottawa 3 Oct, (Horaire 5814) and I need take off of the bus at Ottawa University, does the bus stop there, or I have to inform to the driver in advance?
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