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Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, Norway.

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How does customs clearance work when you fly into Norway through Oslo, then have your luggage checked through to a regional airport?

If I am flying with Norwegian Air from Dubai to Alta (ALF), with a connection in Oslo (OSL), on a single ticket, how will I clear customs for my luggage? Will my luggage be handled automatically in ...
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Do I need a transit visa changing planes in Oslo, separate tickets? [duplicate]

Do I need a transit visa to change planes in Oslo from USA to Istanbul with a four-hour layover and no checked baggage?
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Overnight in OSL between SFO and LYR -- can I stay on the same side of security?

I am flying from the US (from San Francisco), through Frankfurt (transferring planes), and landing in Oslo close to midnight local time. The next morning, I fly out of Oslo to Longyearbyen Svalbard. ...
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International to Domestic Transfer at Oslo Airport

I've been Googling and watching some videos, but I am still confused, and I have got two questions basically. ONE: Can someone tell me the TRANSFER procedure at Oslo Airport? I'll be flying Austrian ...
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bus travel from Oslo airport to oslo bus station

I will be travelling from Oslo Gardemoen airport to oslo , as I probably won't clear customs until about midnight I will have missed the last train. Is it possible to use a credit card to pay for the ...
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2 answers

Required to check-in in person at international layover airport

So my wife and I will be traveling to the UK this month, and we booked the flight from Los Angeles to London through Our itinerary is LAX to OSL via Norwegian Air, and then OSL to LHR via ...
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Getting taxis in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen [closed]

Would like to know how to ensure a cab right at the airports of all Scandinavian nations. What currency is accepted by the drivers in cash in all 4 capitals? Thanks.
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Can I pay with cash for the train from Oslo airport to the central station?

Next week I am travelling to Norway. To get from the airport to my hotel I will need to catch the train to Oslo Central Station. Can you pay by cash at the ticket machines or is it card only? If not, ...
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Time allowance for a layover in Oslo with Norwegian Air

This will be my first time out of the U.S. so it is unclear to me. Apologies if this is obvious. The flight I am looking at will be from Oakland to Oslo and then to Berlin on Norwegian Air. There is a ...
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