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A round trip that use different departure and arrival points, either at the origin or the destination. For example, flying from Paris to San Francisco then returning from Los Angeles to Paris.

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Why is this ticket not bookable?

tl;dr: I wanted to book an open jaw with ORD-EWR-LHR being one leg and KRK-ORD direct being another and it doesn't let me. I am answering Saving money on airline tickets when buying weird route ...
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Open jaw return on Virgin Atlantic website

I'm looking to buy an open jaw return ticket LHR->JFK, then BOS->LHR (London-New York, then Boston-London) on Virgin Atlantic, however I can't seem to find such option on their website. Am I missing ...
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Flying from Cape Town to England and return to another province

I am planning a trip to England to visit my family and will be flying from Cape Town. I wish to fly from Cape Town to England and then return from England to Durban, but I do not wish to purchase 2 ...
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Best time to buy a flight to South America from Europe [duplicate]

I want to buy a open jaw flight to South America. Bucharest - Buenos Aires at the beginning of January Bogota/Barranquilla/Cartagena(Colombia) - Bucharest, somewhere between 10 and 16 April. When is ...
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Entry in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore using a Canadian passport and an open-jaw ticket

We are a Canadian couple planning to travel to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The entire trip will take about 14 days. Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia don't require visas. Great. However, it's ...
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Does any website offer price alerts for open jaw (multi-city) flights?

When I'm looking for round-trip tickets in Google Flights, the website allows me to create a price alert for the specified route: However, when I change my route to have a return ticket leaving from ...
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Does Qantas allow booking an Open-Jaw ticket with domestic connections in South Africa?

I am attempting to book this sequence of flights on Qantas: SYD - JNB - CPT and then later, JNB - SYD I'm unable to book this using the Qantas multi-city option on the their website. It says "The ...
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Finding Flights to One of Many Cities

Currently planning a trip to see multiple cities in relatively close proximity. I expect to be travelling by land between them, so it does not matter so much which city I travel to and back from. It ...
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Does missing the first leg of an ARNK (open-jaw) reservation automatically cancel the remainder of the itinerary?

Normally, when not flying a leg in your reservation, the airlines will cancel the rest of the reservation. Does the same rule apply for open-jaw reservations? I can't seem to find any official ...
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Do airlines prefer closed loop itineraries to Open Jaw ones?

This is not the first time I've seen this so it seems to me that there is some reason for this. I am trying to set up an itinerary in the following fashion: Start in New York. Fly to some city in ...
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Stopovers between Hawaii, Conus and back [closed]

I would like to fly from Hawaii and make short stopovers of 2-3 days each in San Diego or Phoenix, St. Louis and Burlington, VT or Montreal. What would be the cheapest way to do this, utilizing ...
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Ticket types and tips for complex Europe/Asia flights

I am planning a long and complicated holiday to Asia and would like suggestions on the best approach to buying airline tickets (I've previously only booked budget short-haul flights and just ...
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Cheap multi-route (open-jaw) flights

I need to get a flight Prague(PRG) -> Paris(CDG) and Paris(CDG) -> Budapest(BUD), in June. The Air France web system offers me an unbelievable price EUR 680. If I try similar thing on the Czech ...
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What exactly is a open-jaw flight?

Recently, I was looking for a flight from A to B and then a flight back from C to A. Using my English dictionary, I found that this is called an open-jaw flight. However, several native English ...
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