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How can I book deck ferry tickets from Piraeus, Athens to Naxos?

A group of friends is travelling to Greece soon and wants to take a ferry from Piraeus, Athens to the island of Naxos. They've tried to book tickets through (which uses ...
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Is there a resource to find free, open wifi hotspots?

It would be great to know where free, publicly accessible (municipal or otherwise) hotspots are when travelling in foreign cities. Does such a utility exist (website/app etc.)?
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Is there a flight search engine that has an option to show full flights?

Quite often when searching for plane tickets I get only some high priced results, ridiculous schedules, etc. It makes me wonder if these are the only options to get from point A to point B or have I ...
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What is some useful software for brainstorming/planning long trips?

I'm planning on taking my partner and his family on a trip around the UK next year, and I have a ton of ideas in my head that I want to have written down in some form that makes it easy to edit and ...
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How reliable are hotels' information on their websites?

I want to book a room in a hotel in Germany, But I'm not sure how trustworthy the information on their websites is. Have you ever booked a room in a hotel online? If so, did it come across as ...
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Travel planning web sites

I am currently planning a 2 month trip through China, and I wanted to know what are the best online options to plan a trip. First off : I am really looking for an alternative to a spreadsheet. ...
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Resources for planning a western United States road trip [closed]

I'm currently planning a road trip through the west of the US. I'm not a fan of buying books to orientate myself on the subject, I'd rather use information available on the web first. I'm looking ...
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Online travel agent leaving and returning with different airlines

I have noticed that with all online travel sites, you have to leave and return on the same airline (or partner) for international trips. Is there a way around this? It seems as though when you try ...
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Accommodation search engine that allows setting an approximate price range without a date?

While looking for accommodation for my vacation, I have become rather frustrated with sites like where you have to set the check-in and check-out dates before you see any prices. ...
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Website resources for 'out there' jobs related to travel

I've come across a few travel + working websites - which can get you a 'non-standard' job in a remote place - like EscapeTheCity which has had roles from post office master in Antarctica to landmine ...
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Downloadable maps of China

Have met travellers cycling in Tajikistan, and they're hoping they can download maps of China - either road or cycle tracks (or both). They've searched high and low, and haven't found decent road-...
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2 answers

Visa for US citizen visiting Nicaragua

When a US citizen travels to Nicaragua, what does it cost to enter the country? How long can the stay be without having a visa or paying a fine? Is there a resource online where up-to-date answers to ...
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Online version of the Louvre museum

I know that some museums offer online tours of their exhibits, and you can easy "navigate" from one place to another and view the exhibitions. Is there any such online tour for the Louvre (museum in ...
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When to book tickets from travel sites rather than airline sites?

When booking plane tickets, I generally buy directly from the airline's website (as it is often the lowest or near-lowest price for the destinations I travel between). However, I know there are many ...
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a webservice for finding the flights by country [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I do a “broad” search for flights? Do you know any webapplication/service which allow me to specify the contry/state for destinations and arivals and it ...
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What's a good alternative to Dopplr?

From the Dopplr website: Dopplr is a service for smart international travellers. Dopplr members share personal and business travel plans privately with their networks, and exchange tips on ...
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What's the easiest way to find a vacation rental?

I've rented a few vacation homes and really liked it but it always takes hours and hours to find a good one. It seems like there are 100+ different sites that all list different homes (some with a lot ...
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How can I do a "broad" search for flights?

Several airline and trip planning sites will allow you to check "I am flexible with my dates" or a similar option. Is there any way to also search more broadly for location? For example, if you ...
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Can Hostelworld Gold membership numbers be shared among multiple accounts?

Is a Hostelworld Gold membership locked to one particular account, or can it be used when make booking from separate accounts to get a discount? If the latter, then does Hostelworld invalidate cards ...
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What are the most effective rideshare sites in the US?

Recently, I have been traveling from upstate New York to NYC quite frequently and would like to find a site that is more effective than craigslist in attracting reliable rideshares for splitting gas ...
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Is there a definitive reference guide to cell phone standards by country?

I have an AT&T iPhone 3GS, and am wondering if I should switch to something else for use when visiting other countries.
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References for tipping etiquette in different countries? [closed]

Where can I find information about tipping etiquette in different countries? I'm hoping for a comprehensive database so I don't have to ask about the countries one by one here.
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Is there a list of free accommodation resources?

I want to travel abroad cheaply and I would prefer to find some place to stay through a person or website, rather than book a hotel or hostel. There is, which I know about. Can you ...
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How do I know if it's safe to travel to a country at a specific time?

Are there travel websites constantly updated with safety tips and political situation of countries?
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Flight deals from the UK

Can someone recommend a good website with flight deals from London/UK, which I could subscribe to? I mean promotions in different airlines, e.g. bmi used to have a bmifriday promotion (not sure if its ...
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Online resources/communities especially for travelling to remote islands [closed]

I'm dreaming of visiting remote islands such as St. Helena or the Kerguelen islands, but mostly don't get past the dreaming stage because I don't really know how to start making it happen. I think ...
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Is there a good website to plan a trip via trains in Europe?

My wife and I have decided to move across Europe by train. Do you know of any good sites for planning a trip via train (schedule and maybe prices)? We're going to go across Europe from east (Russia ...
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Where can I find up-to-date information about roadblocks and strikes in Peru and Bolivia?

I need to travel from Cusco, Peru to La Paz, Bolivia next month but people in both countries have a habit of blocking roads quite frequently. Every now and then I see news articles in the regular ...
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