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For questions about the festival that celebrates beer that takes place annually in Munich, Bavaria from late September to the first weekend in October.

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Is there a way for a visiting family of four to get into an Oktoberfest tent in the late afternoon?

I'll be visiting Munich during Oktoberfest this year, albeit mostly by happy coincidence: we had already made plans to visit family nearby in Austria, and we realized only afterwards that we're flying ...
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How early to arrive for connecting flight at Munich airport?

I have an 8-hour layover at Munich airport on September 16. I plan to go out to Munich city center. How early should I return for my connecting flight? The flight leaves at 15:35 and the luggage will ...
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Why has this dress been met with surprise at the Oktoberfest in Munich?

We are Brazilians and we have been in Oktoberfest, so my wife made a dress here in Brazil trying to do something close to the Dirndl dress, but during the entire party the people looked a lot to her ...
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Are German festivals safe for foreigners?

Given the increased reporting of incidents of violent sexual assaults at German festivals are these festivals safe for foreign women to attend? What should be done to decrease risk when attending, for ...
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Is Oktoberfest in Munich a dog-friendly event?

We are thinking of stopping in Munich on our way to Italy from Scotland on the 4th October (the last day of Oktoberfest this year [2015]). As Oktoberfest will be on, we were wondering if it's ...
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Is it socially/culturally acceptable for Indian/Sri Lankan people to visit the Oktoberfest?

I will be in Spain by the last few days in September, and since the Munich Oktoberfest ends on October 4th, I have a few days to visit Oktoberfest. I'm a Sri Lankan citizen, and I look obvious for ...
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What kind of food is served inside the Oktoberfest tents and at what price?

I'm trying to budget a multi-day trip to Oktoberfest and I'm unable to find the tents' food menu for last year. The beers were priced at ~10EUR, as mentioned by multiple websites, but nobody seems to ...
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Breakfast places in Munich that open at 6AM or earlier on the weekends?

It seems that visitors should queue as early as 8AM in order to get into the Oktoberfest tents on the weekends without a reservation. This means breakfast must be completed before 7AM to leave enough ...
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How early should I get to the Oktoberfest tents to get in without a reservation?

Oktoberfest tents are super-crowded and it's recommended that people arrive early. However several websites disagree over what 'early' is. says: Of course you can also enter the ...
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Public shower options in Munich?

Now that I've made sure that sleeping in a parked car is legal in Munich, I need to find a place to shower during our stay. Is it possible to take a shower somewhere in Munich for less than 10EUR? ...
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What way people get to Oktoberfest in Munich?

I watched weblinks from Wikipedia, there are some links to sites about this festival. I read on them that auto is bad variant to go there. Flights from Moscow to Munich isn't a problem, but what to do ...
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