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One of the 50 American states of which USA is comprised. "The Sooner State" is in South Central USA.

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1 answer

USA road trip - tolls in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas

We're taking a long road trip from Saskatchewan to the Dallas-Fort Worth area later this year. On prior long road trips I've gotten toll transponders (in Illinois and Florida), paid cash, or done ...
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Going to Mustang Oklahoma, what is there to do? Spending money? [closed]

so I'm going to visit my friend in mustang Oklahoma, and i was trying to decide how much spending money will i need? I don't need to buy food, or hotel, just for basic activities, maybe a little ...
4 votes
2 answers

Japanese driver's license in Oklahoma?

Is it legal to drive with a Japanese driver's license in Oklahoma?
8 votes
2 answers

How many passengers allowed in a car in Oklahoma, USA?

I am traveling to Oklahoma state in USA next week. I am driving my SUV but I have 4 friends going with me and one more person will join us in Oklahoma. I am wondering if there is any legal limitation ...