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OK To Board is a pre-flight visa verification program, required for certain travelers from India or Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates.

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Is 'OK to board' required on Fly Dubai?

I travel with 3 people, flying to Tirana, Albania from Mumbai. Right now Albania visa is on arrival for Indian Passport holders till 31 DEC 2022. I need to check if 'OK to board' is required on Fly ...
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Will I be allowed to board if my surname on my passport doesn't match with the ticket?

I have two first names (for eg: Jas Singh ) and no surname in my passport. In my ticket from Delhi to Vancouver, the last name is Singh and first name is Jas. Will I be allowed to board the flight due ...
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Emirates OK to Board

What is OK to Board? This is from Emirates Airlines, Basically, I was trying to approach them to see if I will be accepted to board a booked ...
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What are the criteria for issuance of an OK to Board?

In this question on the UAE's "OK to Board" approval requirements, Henning Makholm asked in a comment, "...why they don't say anything about under which conditions the local offices will issue their ...
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Do I need OK TO BOARD to transit UAE?

my traveller Indian Passport holder will fly from Delhi to Djibouti via Dubai on FlyDubai. Visa will be on arrival and have an invitation letter for tourist purpose. Do he requires OK TO BOARD message ...
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Do I need 'OK to board' and transit visa? [closed]

I will be travelling through spice jet from Ahmedabad to Muscat. I have a layover of 4h 15m in Muscat and then have a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from Muscat to karachi. I won't have ...
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OTB (OK To Board) Required for Jet Airways from Mumbai to Dubai?

I'm travelling on 24th March to Dubai with Family.I have also received an e-Visa for the same. I want to know whether OTB is required as I'm travelling from Mumbai to Dubai on Jet Airways flight. ...
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