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Questions related to the US state of Ohio.

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Transfer between TANK and Go Metro in Cincinnati

I'm trying to figure out what kinds of electronic tickets I need to buy if I need to get from the Cincinnati Airport (CVG) to Blue Ash. First I need to take route 2X to downtown Cincinnati (which is ...
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Driving from Denver to DC in December [closed]

We are planning on driving from Denver to DC before Christmas and back again before the New Year. We would be on I70 the entire time, and planning on two overnight stops. In general, what are the ...
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1 answer

Am I covered to drive my parent's car while visiting?

I will be visiting my parents in Ohio and plan to drive their car while visiting. Is it common with US auto insurance to allow others to drive their car? If not, how can I get covered for this? I'm on ...
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Is it possible to buy US sim card at Columbus airport, Ohio

I will be traveling to Columbus,Ohio, USA during June for 15days. Is it possible to take a US sim card from Columbus airport Ohio? Or Can I get a sim card outside airport from shops in a reasonable ...
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Avoiding the Pennsylvania Turnpike from Toledo to Pittsburgh

I'm planning on driving from Toledo, Ohio to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Google Maps suggests that I take the following route. However, the portion of the route in Pennsylvania along I-76 is ...
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How to travel from Cincinnati to O'Hare [closed]

What is the cheapest and quickest solution for traveling from Cincinnati Ohio to Chicago O'Hare early Friday and returning Tuesday afternoon?