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Which skyscrapers in Tianjin, China have observation decks?

Apart from the TV tower, are there any skyscrapers in Tianjin where the public can access an observation deck? I'm sure there are information online for whoever speaks Chinese, but that's not me...
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Where can I find high, unobstructed night time views of Tokyo?

As the title says, I'm looking for a place in the city that's open to the public at night and that's high enough to be able to see a big part of the city at night. Are there any hotels or accessible ...
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Is camera equipment and bags in general allowed on NYC Observation Decks?

I am going to see Ball Drop this New Year's Eve with three of my friends. We also plan to do some sightseeing and take some pictures on Jan 3 & 4. Two of us are into photography. Some of our ...
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How can I find tall buildings with a publicly accessible view at an upper floor?

Many travelers enjoy great views from high vantage points such as a hill nearby a city (e.g. Mount Monserrate in Bogota, Colombia), or the (less popular than the Space Needle, but taller) Columbia ...
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