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Questions tagged [nuremberg]

Nuremberg (German: *Nürnberg*), a city in Franconia (the northern part of Bavaria, Germany).

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Going from Berlin to Munich by car [closed]

I have one day to go from Berlin to Nuremberg (hotel checkin until 22hs). And next day going to Munich (hotel checking until 21hs) Which stops do you recommend? Would be it ok to go from Berlin to ...
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From Munich to Berlin, 6 hours in Dresden or Nuremberg or Bamberg or Leipzig? [closed]

I am taking train from Munich to Berlin, and want to stop somewhere in the middle for about 6 hours (have lunch, visit one museum/tourist spot and then casually stroll around). I am wondering which ...
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Trails for barefoot walking near Nuremberg (Bavaria)?

Where are the trails adequate for barefoot walking (novices) near the Nuremberg (Franconian Switzerland, Franconian Alps)? I've noticed that most of trails in this region are partially or wholly ...
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Cheap flights in the Nuremberg area?

I've heard that the airport in Nuremberg is very expensive, so the cheap flight lines are preferring to fly from other airport nearby. Unfortunately, I've failed to remember the name of that other ...
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Finding a place to stay between Czech border and Nuremberg

I'm driving from Prague to West Germany on the A6 and am looking for a nice place to stay overnight, preferably between Nuremberg and the Czech border. My wife and I want to interact with people, so a ...
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What's the cheapest public transport from Nürnberg to Prague?

What's the cheapest way to get from Nuremberg (Nürnberg) to Prague (and back) with public transport (buses, trains etc.)? I've found that ICE costs about 100 Euro, so it's definitely not what I ...
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What kind of ticket is required to travel to other zones having Nuremberg periodical ticket for tariff A?

I'm really lost trying to understand the tariff for Nuremberg (Nürnberg) public transport. This is the most complicated thing I've ever met. 10 tariff zones and a dozen of ticket zone variants... Let'...
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